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As of summer 2021, SkyBet customers can no longer add PayPal as a new deposit method. However, anyone that used PayPal on SkyBet prior to the e-wallet’s ban can continue to process transactions with it on the betting platform.

This means that customers at SkyBet can’t deposit using PayPal unless it was already being used on the account. Following SkyBet’s announcement, users will no longer be allowed to transfer funds from SkyBet to PayPal – except those that meet select criteria.

Read below to see if you’re eligible to use PayPal at SkyBet.

SkyBet Deposit With PayPal – Is It Allowed?

To deposit or withdraw funds from SkyBet to PayPal and vice versa, the following must be true for you:

It should be noted that any SkyBet deposit with PayPal is subject to a minimum limit of £10.

If you are eligible to process deposits using PayPal, follow these steps to confirm a transaction.

SkyBet Deposit With PayPal – How-To

  1. Log in, then click the Profile icon.
  2. Press “Deposit”.
  3. Under “Choose Deposit Method”, select your PayPal account.
  4. You’ll be transferred to a PayPal payment screen where you must enter your PayPal credentials.
  5. Confirm that you want to deposit at least £10.
  6. Review your payment, then click Pay Now.
  7. Funds will be added to your SkyBet account instantly.

SkyBet Can’t Add Card – Explanation & Accepted Payment Methods

Customers at SkyBet can’t add card if it’s a credit card following new regulations set out by government authorities. Similar to SkyBet’s ban on transfers from SkyBet to PayPal, users at SkyBet can’t deposit using credit cards.

Here is a list of the accepted payment methods at SkyBet:

You may add up to three payment cards to your SkyBet account. Contact SkyBet customer support if you run into any issues using the above payment methods.

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