What Does +1 Mean In Football Betting

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Last Updated: January 13, 2022

In football betting, +1 refers to the handicap placed on a team before a match. With Handicap Betting – also known as Asian Handicap Betting – the underdog is given a virtual lead over its opponent.

As a result, the supposed underdog will start the game with a 0-1 advantage. This means the favourite must win by at least two goals for bettors to see a profitable return and victories by a single goal are considered draws, with stakes refunded.

It should be noted that handicaps don’t apply to the real world scoreline and can only be seen on the bookmakers’ website.

What Does +1 Mean in Football Bets?

When you see +1 on a football match, it means that the team beside the +1 has been given a 0-1 headstart. You can find an example of Asian Handicap Betting where one team has been handed a +1 lead over the other, below.

What Does +1 Mean In Football Betting -

What Does +1 Mean in Football Bets – Step By Step Example

  • Manchester City are playing Burnley at the Etihad Stadium.
  • City, with the better squad and home advantage, are big favourites to win the match.
  • Therefore, bookmakers have placed a handicap on Man City by giving Burnley a +1 goal lead before kick-off.
  • For bets on Manchester City to Win to come good, the Sky Blues would need to beat Burnley by two or more goals.
  • Should City win the match by just one goal, making it 1-1 in the eyes of the bookmaker, the bet doesn’t win.
  • Similarly, bets on Burnley to Win can only see a positive return if they win or draw. Otherwise, bets placed on Burnley do not win.

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