What does each way in tennis betting mean?

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Tennis is one of those sports that benefit from a global reach. It is played in most countries and there are multiple global tours, in which the best players in the world take part in a packed and demanding schedule of competitions, which sees them play on an array of different surfaces. 

With very little off-season time and a number of high profile stars, tennis is the ideal betting medium and the explosion of sports betting over the last two decades has enabled those who love their tennis to find new ways to profit from their knowledge in an ever-expanding variety of betting markets, including one of the most interesting options: the each-way tennis bet.

What is each-way betting?

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Each-way betting is a form of betting that originated in the horse racing world. Essentially, an each-way bet enables you to make a profit even if your selection doesn’t win the race. For this reason, it is popular with those who like to bet at big prices or for punters who prefer to limit their risk. 

An each-way bet is essentially two bets in one. One bet is on your selection to win the contest and the other is on your selection to finish ‘in the places’. In a horse race, this generally means finishing in the top three, although for races with 16 runners and more, it can include a fourth-place finish, and for small fields of seven or fewer, the place portion of an each-way bet only pays out to second. 

As it is two bets in one, the stake for an each-way bet is doubled. So a £10 each way bet would actually involve two combined £10 bets, for a total stake of £20. 

What does 1/5th each-way mean?

The other important aspect of each way betting is establishing what odds are paid out on those competitors that finish in the places. In horse racing, this is either a quarter or a fifth of the win odds for that horse, depending on whether the race is a stakes contest or a handicap. 

So if you bet on a horse each way in a race where a bookmaker was paying out 1/5 the odds down to the third place and your selection was priced at 20/1, the odds for successfully finishing in the places would be 4/1. And if your horse won the race, then both the win and place parts of the each-way bets would be paid out, the first at odds of 20/1 and the second at 4/1. 

What is each-way tennis betting?

While the each-way betting concept is fairly simple to follow in horse racing, it is less obviously applicable to the sport of tennis. After all, there are only ever two tennis players in a match, so betting on one of them to finish ‘in the places’ wouldn’t make much sense!

In fact, each way tennis betting refers to the tournament outright tennis betting markets. Tennis is structured around various tournaments, some more valuable than others. At the start of each tournament, tennis punters will often weigh up the draw and try to pick the eventual tournament winner, as the odds in this market can be much greater than for the individual matches. 

Since there can be as many as 128 or 256 hopefuls at the start of a tennis tournament, there is obviously considerable potential for players at bigger prices to make progress, even if they don’t win the tournament, and this means that there is a demand for each-way betting. 

Generally, in tennis betting, each way bets payout at 1/5th the odds and are only usually paid out on players that reach the final. So if bet on a player each way and he or she reaches the final, you will be guaranteed to land the place part of your bet, and still have a chance of collecting on the win bet. 

Is each way betting a good idea in tennis?

Each way tennis betting is not as popular as horse racing or golf each way, largely because only finalists will usually payout. However, it can be a useful way to provide a little insurance with your tournament winner bet, particularly if you are looking at improving newcomers. 

Most high profile tournaments will feature at least one of the world’s top players, so it is asking a lot for an outsider to win the whole thing. But with a favourable draw, a high priced player could reach the final, potentially landing a substantial place bet and still have a chance of causing an upset. For this reason, tennis punters should always consider the each-way option in the tennis tournament markets. Check out Betfred’s free bet offer to get started with each way betting in tennis.

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