What Does OTB Mean on Bet365?

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When a price in betting is OTB this means that it is ‘Off The Board’. An OTB price has been taken down by the traders to work on it and alter it before betting is allowed to resume on that outcome.

An example of this is during ‘In-play’ football when something influential happens, such as a sending-off. The odds will be taken off the board before they are amended and reappear on the website.

Bet365 OTB selections

When betting with Bet365 selections will be unavailable and disappear for a number of reasons.

These include but aren’t limited to, odds not yet available, as it’s too early before the game, a very low odds outcome being taken down to avoid the risk of Bet365 having to pay out on too many large bets, an influential incident occurring that necessitates immediate attention from the trading team,

OTB in America

In America OTB can also mean ‘Off-the-track’. This literally refers to betting on a race that is not taking place at a formal racetrack and can also be used to describe bets on racing events that are slightly less well recognised. If a bookmaker offers OTB, they’re probably quite serious about their racing book.

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