What does Result V mean on Paddy Power?

Paddy Power is known and loved for its user-friendly website and mobile app. Members are attracted to the speed and convenience of the service, and the bookie has a passion for simplicity. This approach helps ensure the betting app appeals to all possible customers, regardless of their experience with other online bookies. It also helps limit the requests sent to the customer service team regarding user error.

Despite the platform being basic and easy to operate, a question comes up that has some members at a loss from time to time. One popular question is what does the Result V mean on Paddy Power? We’re glad you asked it as our team of experienced sports betting content writers have the answer for you.

What does V mean on Paddy Power?

The V on Paddy Power settled bets stands for void. This means your bet has been voided, or one selection in your bet has been declared as void. There could be a number of reasons for this, such as a football match being postponed, a player pulling out of a tennis match with injury before the end of the contest or no result in a boxing bout due to an accidental clash of heads or injury.

What does V mean on Paddy Power “My Bets”

The “V” result doesn’t just apply to settled bets. You may see this in a bet that is currently live.

The V stands for the same thing with “void” being the outcome.

What does Result V mean on Paddy Power? -
You might see the “V” here under “My Bets”, or in your detailed transaction history.

What Happens To My Bets Where “V” or “Void” Is Shown?

If you have placed a single bet on a horse race, for example, and see the V result, your bet will be void, and the value of your deposit returned to you.

If it’s a multiple such as an accumulator, that leg won’t count towards your bet.

Suppose you have placed a five-team Acca and one selection as the result V; it means you now have a four-fold, and the potential winnings will be adjusted to reflect that.

You will receive your stake back to your account balance, or your accumulator will move down a leg with one selection voided and taken out of the running.

Read our guide for ore information on checking your settled and unsettled bets on Paddy Power.

What does V mean on Paddy Power – example

The below example might better answer the question what does V mean on Paddy Power?

You have placed a five-team football accumulator that looks like this –

  • Man Utd to beat Man City – won
  • Liverpool to beat Everton – won
  • Rangers to beat Celtic – won
  • Cardiff to beat Swansea – V
  • Morton to beat St Mirren – won

The above example would be a winning bet, but the winnings would be less than you expect due to the Cardiff versus Swansea game being void. The adjusted winnings due to you will be paid into your online betting balance. You now know what does result V mean on Paddy Power and can plan how best to deal with this, such as letting the bet run minus that selection or cashing out and placing another bet.

Why Do Matches Or Races Get Voided?

This is most often due to a postponement in a match. In sports such as tennis – it is usually due to withdrawal/suspension by a player.

In horse racing, football, and other team sports it can often be due to the event being cancelled.

The weather is a common factor in these events being cancelled. It is seen a lot during the winter in lower leagues where grounds don’t have under-pitch heating to melt the snow/ice, or where pitches or horse racing courses are waterlogged due to torrential rain.

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