What Does SP Mean On William Hill?

When browsing the William Hill website or mobile app and looking at upcoming horse races or greyhound races, you may come across SP where you would usually expect to find the odds. That may seem a little strange to some bettors and could even discourage them from gambling on the race, even if they have a strong bet in mind.

What is SP On Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing?

SP stands for starting price, which is the odds a horse or greyhounds has when the race goes off. There are a few answers to the question of William Hill what is SP, but that is the most basic. The reasons you may see SP instead of fixed-odds against a horse or dog differ. You could be attempting to place a bet too early before the traders have released their book on the event. The trading team may have suspended the market due to a non-runner, and they are working to adjust their odds, or there may be no plans to add odds, such as a race taking place overseas.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the question of William Hill what does SP mean? Below you’ll find an example of how SP may be shown at this bookmaker and what the lack of odds would mean for your bet.

  • 2.10 Haydock
  • King Capella SP
  • £10 win

You will notice from the above bet that there are no odds offered on your selection. You were expecting to see King Capella as the favourite with around 15/8 available, and that is a bet you wanted to take. Unfortunately, there are no odds, but you can still make the bet.

The wager above will stand, and any winnings will be paid out at King Capella’s odds at the start of the race, hence the term starting price. If it opened at 15/8 and went off at 2/1, for example, 2/1 is the price you’d receive.

The example above can be applied to any horse race or greyhound race, and we hope it helped explain what is SP William Hill.

What is SP on William Hill – will I get best odds guaranteed?

When betting SP on races, you won’t qualify for the best odds guaranteed promotion offered by William Hill on all UK and Irish horse races and greyhound races. That’s because there’s nothing to compare the starting price to. Best odds guaranteed gives you the better odds between the SP and the odds available when the bet was struck. In this instance, there is no opening show when you place the bet, so you can wait around and hope odds become available soon, or you can go ahead and take the SP.

What does “Take SP” mean on William Hill?

SP isn’t always forced upon bettors, and you can choose to take the starting price on occasion. Why would you do this? If you are backing a horse at odds of 12/1, for example, but you expect the runner’s odds to drift on the approach to the off, you may wish to take your chances and bet at the starting price. That’s a tactic employed by many horse racing bettors.

It’s not nearly as popular as it once was, as the best odds guaranteed promo gives you the bigger offer between the odds when betting and the starting price. What does take SP mean on William Hill? Not a lot in today’s market.

Now that you have an answer to what does SP mean on William Hill betting, you are better prepared for what to do if you see SP where the betting odds should be. The choice is yours in that situation, you can bide your time and hope to see odds appear, or you can take the SP and the odds available when the race begins.

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