What Does Win and Each Way Mean Bet365?

A Win and Each Way bet is a market where two separate bets are merged into one. With this type of bet, you’re betting on the outright winner of an event as well as in which position they will finish should they fail to win.

Win and Each Way means the odds you’re viewing are also available on outright “win” bets and “each way” bets. In the Win and Each Way market, you’ll get a return on your selection should your bet – usually a horse – win the event or finish in a pre-selected position.

This is in contrast to Win Only and Place Only markets, as bets on either of these will only payout on wins or selected positions, but never simultaneously.

What is E/W Bet365?

Sometimes, each way markets are written as e/w. At Bet365, e/w simply means that you’re looking at an each-way market.

When you understand the answer to the question” what does win and each way mean on Bet365?”, it’s also important to note that most each-way bets on horse races only allow up to three or four positions to be selected.

Each-way bets are often displayed across a wide variety of sports, including:

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Motorsports

What Does Each Way Mean Bet365?

Betting each way at Bet365 means you’re betting on the position of a participant in a race, scorer of a goal, or a specific outcome of an event.

For instance, betting on an each-way goalscorer market at Bet365 lets you pick the scorer of the first goal, as well as the second and third goal. Half of your stake will go towards the “first goal” section of your bet, while the other half of your stake will be placed in the “second or third goal” part of your bet.

If each of your selections comes true, you’ll reap maximum rewards. However, if only half of your bet is correct – in this case, the “First Goal” – you’ll only be paid in relation to the stake and odds of that part of the each-way bet.

Why Should I Bet Each Way at Bet365?

The best reason to bet each way at Bet365 is the Each-Way Extra feature. Each Way Extra puts you in complete control of your bet by letting you decrease or increase the number of places in a horse racing event.

Each Way Extra lets you add and remove places at your behest, with odds and prices fluctuating as you chop and change the bet.

To use the Each Way Extra feature, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Bet365 and select Horse Racing.

What Does Win and Each Way Mean Bet365? -

  • Click on the event you’d like to bet on.
  • Select “Each Way Extra” from the options available.

What Does Win and Each Way Mean Bet365? -

  • Add your preferred Each Way selection to the betslip.

What Does Win and Each Way Mean Bet365? -

  • Confirm your stake and place the bet.
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