What Happens To Your William Hill Bet If A Match Is Abandoned?

When a match is abandoned, the bettors will more often than not get all of their money returned and it’s as if they never placed the bet. Most betting options are classed as void when a game is abandoned, as the result is not possible to determine with any certainty.

However, in those instances when the result of the bet can be determined before abandonment, this is not the case.

Matches Abandoned During Play 

In some games abandoned after the start of play, certain betting outcomes will already have come to fruition. In these instances bets involving outcomes that are able to be fulfilled will stand. Any of these winning bets will be paid as usual, and losing bets won’t be refunded. Other bets, such as full time score or second half scorer, will all be refunded, no matter how well either team was playing.

Notably, all games that are able to resume on the same day are not counted as abandoned. Bets on these games will stand as normal, as all outcomes will be determined when the game restarts and ends with the final whistle.

What Happens If You’ve Got An Abandoned Game On Your William Hill Accumulator?

When one of your accumulator bets is affected by a non-starting or abandoned game, the bet for that game will be void, as above, but all other selections of the bet will run on. Therefore making your double a single, your treble a double, and so on.

If the outcome of the abandoned game was determined during play before the game was abandoned, it’s counted toward your accumulator as normal. Only when an accumulator outcome is postponed or made dubious does that leg of the acca get refunded.

As an example, imagine the following scenario:

  • A £10 stake on a four fold accumulator was placed on four different matches all playing on Saturday:
  • Two at 12:30 and two at 15:00 with odds at 8.00.
  • The 12:30 fixtures play through as normal and the bettor gets both of these results right.
  • Then a blizzard rolls over both pitches for the other two fixtures covering them with snow, and the games are called off having both played 70 minutes.
  • In this instance, the four fold accumulator will be half refunded and half honoured, as the two fixtures that played out and won, will be counted as a £5 stake double at for example 4.00 odds and the other two fixtures will be refunded £5.
  • In this instance the bettor will claim £25 back from their £10 stake, A £20 return on their double, and a £5 refund on their abandoned games.

Why Matches Get Abandoned

There are lots of reasons that a match can get postponed or abandoned.

  1. Player trauma, such as a player collapsing on the pitch.
  2. Crowd safety is another consideration that causes matches to be abandoned. Acts of terrorism are a real problem and any kind of suspicious package can be a bomb threat.
  3. The crowd can also be a danger to itself and others. Especially in South America, it is not that uncommon for masses of pitch invaders to get a game abandoned.
  4. The floodlights stop working.
  5. Safety of those travelling to the game is also taken into account. Matches are sometimes abandoned due to road conditions
  6. Other technical or weather related issues, such as fog, causing the players to not see well.
  7. Any kind of unplayable pitch. This can be due to heavy rain or snow making it waterlogged or icy.
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