What is a Betfair Holiday

Written By: Dean Etheridge
Last Updated: April 13, 2022

A Betfair holiday is a period of grace given where your Betfair Exchange Points don’t decrease by the usual 15% when you don’t use the Betting Exchange for one week.

It’s no longer called a Betfair holiday on the Betfair platform, these days it is referred to as Freezing Your Betfair Points.

To better understand this, you first need to know what the Betfair Points system is.

Betfair Points System; What Is It?

Everytime you place a bet on the Betfair Exchange, your loyalty is rewarded with Betfair Points.

These points are awarded on the Betfair Betting Exchange only. There are no points awarded for play on the Betfair Sportsbook, or their Arcade, Casino, Live Casino, Bingo, Poker, or Exchange Games. 

The more points you get, the more rewards you are entitled to. For example, it could be a better commission rate, or a free bet, etc. 

As the points are a loyalty reward for regular users, when you don’t use the Betfair Betting Exchange, your points will decrease.

You will lose 15% of your points for every week you don’t use the Exchange.

Freezing Your Betfair Points; How It Works

This is where the Betfair Holiday, or as it’s now known, Freezing Your Betfair Points, kicks in.

You have the option to freeze your points for one week at a time. So if you don’t use the exchange that week, your accrued Betfair points aren’t affected. 

What is a Betfair Holiday -

As you can see from the above screenshot, to freeze your Betfair Points, you can simply click on the link on the Here To Help page, and if you are logged in to your account, the link will take you straight to the correct page.

Betfair Points Freeze Key Points:

  • A Points Freeze lasts for one week
  • You can bet during the week, but you won’t earn points
  • You can cancel a Points Freeze up to 3 hours before the reduction happens
  • The 15% reduction happens at 9pm on a Sunday
  • You get one Points Freeze week awarded when you sign up
  • You then get one more Points Freeze week every three months thereafter
  • It is not possible to accrue anymore than four Points Freeze weeks

A Points Freeze week is ideal if you want to take a week off from betting on the exchange. 

You might be going on holiday to a country where it’s not possible (or legal) to access the Betfair website. So in this instance, using the Betfair Points Freeze would be ideal.

I Can’t Find Anything About Betfair Holidays on their Website

That’s correct, you won’t. As alluded to above, this is because it’s no longer called a Betfair Holiday, it’s called a Betfair Points Freeze.

The below screenshot is from an old page that covered Betfair Holidays. 

What is a Betfair Holiday -

The text marked in the red rectangle refers to Betfair Holidays, and how using one prevents you from losing 15% of your Betfair Points.

Showing that the Betfair Points Freeze is exactly the same as the Betfair Holiday, just under a different name.

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