What Is a Double Chance on Bet365?

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Double Chance is a popular betting market on Bet365. It allows you to bet on a team to both win OR draw a match. The normal “Match Result” market on Bet365 allows you to pick a winner in a football (soccer) match, or bet on the draw. The double chance market on Bet365 allows you to choose either team to win or draw.

It means if your chosen team wins, your bet wins, but also that if it’s a draw your bet will also win. As a result, the odds on Bet365 will be lower as the chances of the event happening are more likely.

Double Chance Bet Example

Essentially, double chance betting reduces the number of possible outcomes of an event from three to two.

Double chance is a sensible alternative to taking a risk on a football team when you know the game will be close. As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular in the football markets.

Let’s say you like Manchester United’s chances of beating Chelsea at 5/4 and think they’re terrific value. Still, you know the game isn’t going to be a rollover. In the double chance market, odds of approximately 3/10 for Manchester United/Draw are typically offered, implying that if you’re willing to take the long odds, a win for Manchester United or a draw will be enough to win the bet.

How To Place A Double Chance Bet on Bet365

To place a double chance bet (using the example above), follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the link for today’s matches or, if betting ahead of time, on the link for the English Premier League list, which will provide the schedule for all such games.
  2. The typical 1 X 2 prices are given next to our game, Manchester United against Chelsea, and to their right is a number, in this case, ’72’. This means that in this game, there are a total of 72 different markets to bet on.
  3. To see a complete list of all available markets, click on that number.
  4. The ‘Double Chance’ market is near the top of the list of markets, below which are the options for our Manchester United against Chelsea game.
  5. Select the Double Chance bet for ‘1X’ or Manchester United/Draw.
  6. Enter your stake and confirm the bet.

What is a double chance in football betting?

Any football match played anywhere in the globe has three possible outcomes. First, the game could be won by the host team. Second, it might be a draw, or the away team could win. As a result, double chance means that players have two options to succeed on their wagers. The term “double chance” refers to the possibility of two different outcomes in a game while still winning the bet.

Let’s imagine Bayern Munich is in the Champions League and is playing Real Madrid. For this illustration, Munich is at home. Depending on the form of both teams and the availability of Madrid’s key players, they could be slight favourites.

Fans of football may wish to wager on Real Madrid to win the match. However, they may be concerned about the possibility of a draw, which would make a bet on an away win a losing proposition. A double chance bet becomes much more appealing at this point.

The player can win by placing a double chance wager on a Madrid win or a draw. The only possibility for the gamble to lose is if Munich wins the game on the day. It’s worth noting that double chance bets only cover the first 90 minutes of a game in a cup competition that could go to overtime or penalties.

Advantages of double chance betting

The purpose of double chance betting is to increase your chances of winning from a single event. For example, it can cover two of the three possible outcomes in a single bet in football. It either combines both sides’ win/draw options or eliminates the draw option.

When you place a double chance bet, you’ll notice that the odds are shorter than usual. This is because your selection has a higher chance of winning, hence the name “double chance.”

Double Chance betting might be a terrific strategy to win when it comes to games between two open teams. For example, you may bet on a match between two teams that score and lose many goals but draw very few — in this case, a double chance bet on the home and away team would be appropriate.

It’s also an excellent strategy to wager when backing a side that is predicted to win. If they falter or struggle to score, the draw option is still covered. So you’ll still win on that particular selection.

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