What Is a Scorecast Bet With Paddy Power?

Scorecasts are one of the most popular types of football betting markets around these days.

Paddy Power is among the top bookmakers to offer scorecasts. With the chance for football fans to win a lot of cash from a single bet, scorecasts are all the rage.

What is a scorecast bet? 

A scorecast bet involves guessing both the final result of the game, as well as which player will get their name on the scoresheet first.

The two picks are combined, which results in quite large odds being available on the bet.

Naturally, the size of the odds depends on a wide range of factors and which players are picked for the first goalscorer section of the bet.

Anyone picking the underdog to win a game combined with a defender to score the opening goal of the game is likely to be rewarded with a very big price.

The flip side of this, of course, is that it is quite unlikely that the bet will go on to be a winner.

Paddy Power scorecasts are found within the individual markets offered for a football match.

In this example, Denmark are at home to Scotland in a World Cup qualifier. Let’s go through exactly what Paddy Power customers need to do to place a scorecast bet on Paddy Power.

How to place a scorecast bet on Paddy Power

To place a scorecast bet on Paddy Power, finding the right market is the first thing to do.

  1. Navigate through the sportsbook to the match you which to place a scorecast on.
  2. Find the scorecasts market nestled between first goalscorer wincast markets and the many other goalscorer market.
  3. Tapping on scorecast will bring up the drop-down menu where football fans are able to look through the potential first goalscorers and pick which correct score they are going for.
    It is usually the case that the default option is for the main striker on the team that is favourite to win, combined with a 1-0 win for their side.
  4. Use the drop down menus to cycle through the available options of goalscorers and correct scores.
    As with the correct scores market elsewhere, the home team’s goal tally is always shown first.
  5. Tap the total odds to add your scorecast bet to the betslip.


Paddy power how to find scorecast betting markets
Find the scorecast market just below the popular “Match Odds” market.


In this example, a customer might decide they actually fancy Scotland to run out 2-1 winners with Ryan Christie getting the first goal of the game.


Paddy Power Scorecast market
Use the drop down menus to adjust your selection with your desired goal scorer and correct final score.


So selecting 2-1 would be predicting a victory by that scoreline to Denmark, as they are the home team in this example.


Paddy Power scorecast
Tap the total odds given to add your bet to the betslip.


Predicting 1-2 as the correct score part of this type of bet would mean Scotland, as the away team, have to win the game 2-1 for it to be a winner.

For a scorecast bet to win, it is not enough for the score to be guessed correctly, however. Players have to guess both the correct first goalscorer and the final score of the game too.

How Do Paddy Power Count Scorecast Bets On Cup Games?

For cup games, it is standard practice for correct scores to be for the first 90 minutes of the game, rather than including any extra time that might need to be played to find a winner. For your scorecast to win with Paddy Power you’ll need to guess both the first goal scorer and the team that wins inside the standard ninety minutes. A team winning from extra time or penalties won’t count.

Why Does a Scorecast Bet Show Up As Two Singles and As a Bet Builder?

After deciding on a correct score and first goalscorer prediction, to place a scorecast bet on Paddy Power users then have to tap or click on the price that has been offered. This will add the wager to the betslip, which on Paddy Power’s desktop site is located towards the top-right corner of the screen.

Actually placing the bet then follows exactly the same process as any other bet on Paddy Power.

What Is a Scorecast Bet With Paddy Power? -


One thing to note is the way the bet will show on the screen.

  • A scorecast is essentially a type of accumulator, so Paddy Power will automatically add the two sections of the bet to the betslip.
  • You will see both the accumulator section (Bet Builder) and the two singles. This means you’ll be able to bet on the single events happening too if you wish, as well as the combined.
  • Should a used then decide they only want to bet on a correct score (Scotland 2-1 win as they no longer believe Ryan Christie will score first, in this example), they can opt to cancel the first goalscorer portion.

As on other betting sites, adding the stake desired will automatically calculate the amount of money that a user will win if both parts of the bet happen as predicted.

In our example here, for Christie/2-1 on the scorecast for Denmark v Scotland, a price of just over 115/1 is offered.

This means a £10 bet on Christie/2-1 on the scorecast would yield profits of more than £1,150.

When a user is happy with the stake and potential winnings, they tap the green button at the bottom of the betslip to confirm the bet.

If there is not enough money in their account to cover the bet, they will also be prompted to make a deposit into their Paddy Power account as well.

What Is a Scorecast Bet With Paddy Power? -

If the customer decides not to place the bet, the red bin icon can be used to cancel it. Once bets are placed with Paddy Power they cannot be cancelled. Once placed, users can then view their scorecast bet under “My Bets”.

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