What is a Super Yankee Bet365? – Full Guide & Cost

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A Super Yankee is a bet made up of 5 selections across 26 bets. The Super Yankee, also known as the Canadian bet, is commonly used on horse races at Bet365.

Unlike accumulators, where each selection must win to get a return, Super Yankees require that just two of the five selections come good to make some sort of return.

Super Yankees usually need three winning selections to recover the cost of your bet, while hitting four of the five selections will present a decent profit. Where each selection in the Super Yankee is a winner, profits can be tremendous.

How Many Bets is a Super Yankee?

A Super Yankee is comprised of 26 bets and 5 selections. As each stake is multiplied by a factor of 26, Super Yankees can become relatively expensive, with high-rollers better suited to this type of bet than low-stakes bettors.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Super Yankee:

This adds up to a total of 26 bets, spanning 5 different selections.

How Much Does a Super Yankee Cost?

Super Yankees typically cost £26, provided you’re paying £1 per line. The cost varies depending on the amount of money you’re willing to bet.

For example, if a bettor wants to pay £10 per line for a Super Yankee, the total cost will come to £260.

What’s the Difference Between a Super Yankee Bet and Yankee Bet?

Super Yankee bets and Yankee Bets differ in the number of selections and bets. Whereas Super Yankee bets consist of 26 bets and 5 selections Yankee Bets include 11 bets on 4 selections.

Yankee Bets contain:

Yankee Bets are less expensive compared to Super Yankee bets, but, equally, winnings and odds are usually lower.

Similar to the Super Yankee Bet, Yankee Bets often require two winning selections to earn a return.

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