What is a Trixie in betting?

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The global sports betting sector is growing every year and now represents a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet despite that rapid growth, modern sports betting companies are building their success on the foundations of a long-established betting tradition, particularly in countries like the UK. This means that you will often find some unusual jargon associated with betting markets, particularly when it comes to the more exotic types of sports bets. 

One of the most interesting betting options is the Trixie bet. This is a combination bet that forms the basis for many small stakes punters’ weekend betting action. But what is a Trixie?

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To get to grips with the Trixie, we have to travel back to a time when sports betting was heavily restricted around the world, even in the UK, which has long been associated with the development both of the modern betting industry and modern sport. 

These restrictions were particularly apparent when it came to football betting. Football was and remains hugely popular in the UK, but while it was possible for UK punters to bet freely on horse and greyhound racing when it came to football, they were only allowed to bet on accumulators. 

Bookmakers didn’t want to have to devote more resources to covering football in-depth and they were concerned about losing money on football betting, so punters who wanted to bet on the sport had to bet in accumulators, combining more than one match bet into a larger bet. This explains the growth in popularity of the weekend small stakes accumulator among UK punters. 

The trouble with accumulators

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There is no doubt that the accumulator has some attraction, particularly for small stakes punters as it can produce some big payouts, but it has drawbacks. Most significantly, if even one of the bets in the accumulator fails, then the whole bet is a loser. Few experiences can be more frustrating for a punter than finding that the last leg of your accumulator has let you down. 

This led bookmakers to come up with new ways of presenting the traditional accumulator, and so a host of exotic bets were created, with fascinating names such as the Lucky 15, the Yankee, the Heinz and the Trixie, which is the subject of this article. 

What is a Trixie?

The Trixie is a bet that combines multiple bets into one larger bet and is suitable for situations when you have three selections and you want to maximise your winning chances.  

For example, you might be confident about the chances of three horses in three different races, but you want a little extra insurance to guard against the possibility of one of those three horses losing. If you backed a simple three-fold accumulator, known as a treble, all three horses would need to win. With a Trixie, some of this risk is removed by combining your three bets into one treble and three double bets. The template for a Trixie bet would therefore look like this:

As you can see, the Trixie is effectively made up of four bets. This is important to remember when you come to make your bet. If you bet on a Trixie, your stake on each bet is multiplied by four. So a £10 Trixie would actually require a stake of £40. This would usually be made clear on your online betting slip, but it is important to remember, in order to avoid wagering more than you’d intended. 

How do you work out a Trixie bet?

To work out your potential winnings from a Trixie bet, you have to work out the results of each one of the four bets separately and then add them together. If all three of your horses won, you would have four winning bets. If two of the horses win but the third does not, then you would have just one winning bet: the double that combined the two winning horses. 

If you don’t have the time to work out your winnings or are not confident at doing so, there are many online calculators available that can do the hard work for you. It is also useful to note that when you make a Trixie bet online, your online betting slip will usually show your potential winnings. 

Is a Trixie a better option than an accumulator?

If you have three selections you want to bet on, the choice of whether to go with an accumulator or a Trixie will depend on a number of factors, including your confidence in the selections and your tolerance for risk. It is important to note that bookmakers are generally happy to promote this type of exotic bet, as they are confident that they are profitable for their business in the long term, so as with any type of bet, you need to work hard to ensure that all elements of your Trixie offer value. Why not try a Trixie bet next time the Cheltenham Racing Festival is on, who knows you might just discover a new strategy that works for you.

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