What is a William Hill Plus Card?

Written By: Conor Rafter
Last Updated: January 27, 2022

The William Hill Plus Card is a cash card that lets users track, place and cash in on their online bets at any one of William Hill’s shops. The Plus Card goes hand-in-hand with the William Hill Plus Web App. The Web App can be used from your mobile device or desktop for free.

Essentially, William Hill’s Plus Card bridges the gap between online and in-store betting.

Anyone that has an account at William Hill can get a Plus Card. By linking a William Hill Plus Card to your William Hill account, you can withdraw winnings in-store. All in-store withdrawals made using the William Hill Plus Card are instant.

How to Use William Hill Plus Card

Use your William Hill Plus Card by scanning it in-store when making a withdrawal or cashing in on a bet. You can choose to place bets or withdraw funds by using a betting terminal inside one of William Hill’s shops or by speaking to the person working in the store at the time.

By downloading the William Hill Plus App, you can do each of the following with your Plus Card:

How to Get a William Hill Plus Card

If you’re not yet a William Hill Plus customer and don’t have a Plus Card, you can visit your nearest William Hill shop to set up a William Hill Plus account. Once you’ve created a Plus account, you’ll be given your Plus Card.

Customers that have already signed up with William Hill should head to their local branch and ask for a Plus Card. After receiving your Plus Card, you’ll need to link it to your account.

To do this, place your Plus Card against the contactless card scanner at any of the shop’s betting terminals. Then, follow the terminals’ on-screen instructions.

How to Use William Hill Plus Web App

To use the William Hill Plus App to track your bets, enter the 18-character code when prompted. You can track up to ten bets at once, complete with insight and statistics available for the event in question.

Cashing in is only possible via the William Hill Plus Web App. If you want to cash in on any of your ongoing bets, press the blue “Cash In” icon displayed on-screen. This only applies to markets, games, and events supported by William Hill’s cash-in feature.

How To Link Plus Card to William Hill Online Account

After you log in to the William Hill Plus Web App, click “Link Accounts Now.”

For customers that have not yet created a William Hill Online Account, press “Sign Up Now” on the Plus Web App. You’ll be greeted by a registration page, where you must enter the required personal information to set up your account.

Does the William Hill Plus Card Expire?

The William Hill Plus Card does not have an expiry date. Once you’ve been handed your Plus Card, that will be your Plus Card for life.

If you misplace your William Hill Plus Card, take a trip to your local William Hill shop and ask for a new one.

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