What Is Betfred Maximum Payout

Written By: Dean McHugh
Last Updated: January 13, 2022

Maximum daily winnings vary by sport and even competition. The most popular sports – football, horse racing, tennis, and golf – have the highest payouts.

Let’s be clear: bookmakers will not pay a dime more than their maximum daily limit, so whether you’re a professional high-stakes player or a casual double, triple, and multiple punter, it pays to put your bets with the highest daily ceiling bookmakers.

But how does Betfred compare to the other big online bookies in terms of current daily maximum payouts?

What Is Betfred Maximum Payout -

What Is Betfred Maximum Payout -

Betfred maximum payout

When it comes to maximum bets and winnings, Betfred strikes a balance.

The odds determine the minimum and maximum wager amounts, and the selection is frequently displayed on the bet slip. Maximum payouts catch many off guard every year, but few of us think to check them before wager.

Maximum payouts can strike bettors who place moderate bets on single or several lines with high odds just as easily as bettors who stake thousands. Before you place a considerable accumulator, it’s essential to know where you stand so that your once-in-a-lifetime win isn’t overshadowed.

Betfred will pay out up to:

  • £1 million on UK and Irish horse racing,
  • £250,000 on greyhounds if the full official information service is available, £50,000 otherwise,
  • £1 million on major European men’s football leagues,
  • £500,000 on golf,
  • but only £100,000 on other sports.

The maximum payouts are easily found in the FAQs, so double-check before betting.

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