What is Deposit Limit in Bet365 & How To Change It

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Deposit limits help bettors at Bet365 control their spending by limiting the amount of cash deposited into an account. Deposit limits can be set for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days at a time.

While under a deposit limit, deposits greater than the chosen restriction are blocked for that account.

You can decrease your Bet365 deposit limit at any time.

What Does Deposit Limit Mean on Bet365?

At Bet365, deposit limits mean restricting an account to a selected sum of money permitted to be deposited during a period of time.

What is Deposit Limit Period in Bet365?

A deposit limit period is the amount of time deposit restrictions can last at Bet365. Currently, deposit limit periods are as follows:

Once set, deposit limit periods can be decreased with immediate effect.

If you increase deposit limits at Bet365, you’ll need to wait 24 hours for any changes to activate. Bet365 cannot override this 24-hour cooling-off period.

Read on to learn how to change deposit limit bet365.

How to Change Your Deposit Limit in Bet365?

To change deposit limits at Bet365, head to the Gambling Controls area on your account and click on Deposit Limits. From here, enter the period of time and amount of money you’d like to be limited to.

Detailed instructions on the question, “How do I change my deposit limit on Bet365?” can be found below.

How to Change Limit on Bet365?

If you want to know how to change deposit limit on Bet365 back to its original form, simply repeat the process above. Changes will take effect after 24 hours.

How to Change Betting Limits on Bet365?

You can change your betting limits at Bet365 by using the Self-Exclusion program. Self-Exclusion puts a halt to some or all types of gambling from your Bet365 account.

Anyone utilizing the Self-Exclusion service will be given an opportunity to choose which sports and/or games the Bet365 account shall be excluded from accessing.

Similar to the Bet365 change deposit limit feature, time limits apply to the Self-Exclusion period:

During Self-Exclusion, you’ll only be allowed to log in to your Bet365 account to withdraw funds.

Bet365 will be aware of any attempts to create new accounts on the platform and, if found, such accounts will be promptly closed.

This is an extreme measure that should be taken by anybody who feels they may have a problem.

When to Change Deposit Limits on Bet365?

Use Bet365’s Budget Calculator as a guiding tool to find out whether you might need to set up deposit limits at Bet365.

Using the budget calculator, enter your per-month data concerning the following information:

Click “Calculate”.

The next page will compare your gambling spend against other financial responsibilities. Use this information to choose deposit limits that suit your lifestyle and budget.

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