What is Odds Boost Ladbrokes – Get Enhanced Odds

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Last Updated: January 13, 2022

Ladbrokes Odds Boost gives you the opportunity to get enhanced odds on sports bets across the platform. Customers are given a minimum of one Odds Boost token per day, so you’ll always have a chance to increase your potential winnings at Ladbrokes.

What is Odds Boost Ladbrokes - Get Enhanced Odds -

So, what is Odds Boost exactly? Essentially, Ladbrokes Odds Boost is the same as bet boost and enhanced odds, both of which are commonly found on other sports betting sites.

Odds boost gives your single or multiple bet a random boost to increase the potential revenue earned from a winning wager. As a result, this feature can be particularly powerful when used on accumulators.

What Is An Odds Boost?

Simply put, an Odds Boost increases the odds of a particular bet. Therefore, smaller stakes can result in larger returns, while bigger stakes can return mighty winnings.

For example:

  • You add four “To Win” bets to your selection, making an accumulator.
  • These bets are as follows: Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal all to win.
  • Initially, the odds read as 10/1.
  • Upon pressing the Odds Boost button, your odds increase to 17/1.
  • The same bet results in better opportunities to win big.

What Is Bet Boost Ladbrokes?

Bet Boost is simply a different term for Ladbrokes Odds Boost, though not the official one. The two phrases mean the same thing; an increase to your odds and greater chances to take home more impressive winnings.

Bet Boost is most often found on other betting websites offering a similar service to that of Ladbrokes Odds Boost.

How To Use Odds Boost Ladbrokes

To use your Odds Boost token at Ladbrokes you must first add bets to your betslip. Once you’re content with your selection, it’s time to activate your Odds Boost.

You can turn on Odds Boost by pressing the Odds Boost button above your selection. Once pressed, the Odds Boost button will display a short animation, confirming its activation.

Scroll to the bottom of your betslip to enter your stake. Here, you can view your boosted odds. The old odds should be marked out with a line cutting through them.

If the Odds Boost button is not present, you may not have any remaining Odds Boost tokens. Be sure to check how many tokens you have left by visiting the My Account area at Ladbrokes.

See below for a quick step by step guide on how to use Odds Boost Ladbrokes.

How Does Ladbrokes Odds Boost Work – Step By Step

  • Log in to your Ladbrokes account.
  • Add sports bets to your selection.
  • When happy with your picks, click the Odds Boost button located above your selection.

What is Odds Boost Ladbrokes - Get Enhanced Odds -

  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the betslip to enter your stake.

What is Odds Boost Ladbrokes - Get Enhanced Odds -

  • From here, you can bet on your newly boosted odds.

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