What is the Maximum Bet on Bet365? Setting Maximum Limits

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Bet365 does not disclose its maximum bet limit to the public. Users can try to figure out what is the maximum bet on Bet365 by placing a significantly-sized bet on an event.

Should the bet fail to process, the Bet365 maximum bet limit has been reached.

Only the Trading Team at Bet365 know the exact maximum bet limit on the platform.

When Does Bet365 Limit You?

Bet365 limits accounts that behave suspiciously, abuse bonuses, or meet select criteria only known by the security team. Bet365 does not limit accounts that operate in accordance with its rules.

Other reasons for Bet365 accounts being limited are:

Accounts considered dormant can be limited or suspended by Bet365 at any time.

Bet365 may, as stated within their terms and conditions, without reason or warning, suddenly limit your account.

Can I Set Up Maximum Bet Limits at Bet365? 

While Bet365 does not have a personal or customizable maximum bet limit, Deposit Limits can be just as helpful.

Use the Deposit Limits feature to create your own limits. Deposit Limits are active for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days at a time.

Read our guide on how to set up a deppsit limit on Bet365.

You can make your Deposit Limits lower at any time during these windows. A 24 hour waiting period applies to all increased Deposit Limits at Bet365.

Reality Checks at Bet365 can also be created to remind you of your login limits. Reality Checks are customizable, so you can set your own time limits. Once you’ve set up a Reality Check, Bet365 will notify you of your current login time as soon as the upper limit is reached.

To set up Reality Checks, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in and click on your Account icon.
  2. Click “Gambling Controls”.
  3. On the next page, select “Reality Checks”.
  4. Enter your Reality Check Limit and your password when prompted.
  5. Submit your new Bet365 Reality Check.
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