What Is The Minimum Stake on Betfair?

The minimum stake on Betfair’s exchange stands at £2. Despite the minimum bet amount listed in the Help section on the Betfair Exchange reads as £1, this is not the case.

What Is The Minimum Stake on Betfair? -

Upon attempting to place a £1 bet on the Betfair Exchange, you’ll be greeted with a red error notification reading, “The stake(s) you have entered are below the minimum (2).”

What Is The Minimum Stake on Betfair? -

Here, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to staking less than £2 on Betfair.

It’s also worth noting that minimum bets on the standard sportsbook version of Betfair sports markets wagers begin from 10p.

How To Stake Less Than £2 on Betfair

To place a bet worth under £2 on Betfair, you must first bet a place a stake at much greater odds than what’s currently available for that market. Moreover, you’ll need to make an initial wager different in value compared to the final bet.

This process can get a little tricky, so we’ve written up detailed step-by-step instructions below on how to bet 1 pound on Betfair.

How To Bet £1 on Betfair – Step By Step

  1. Log in and select the market you want to bet on.
  2. Click the blue-coloured box under “Back”.
  3. Enter a £2 stake, then increase the odds to an unmatchable figure (e.g. 2.36 to 100)
    What Is The Minimum Stake on Betfair? -
  4. Confirm your bet. Your bet won’t actually go through as the odds are way above the current market.
  5. Now, click View Open Bets and increase your stake to £3.
    What Is The Minimum Stake on Betfair? -
  6. Press “Update”. This will create two separate bets, one worth £2 and another worth £1.
  7. Delete your £2 bet and change the odds on your £1 bet back to the normal market figure.
  8. Confirm your new bet.
  9. Now you have just one bet at £1, with odds matching those available in the market.
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