What is virtual football betting?

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Virtual football betting offers punters the opportunity to place bets based on football match simulations (computer-generated games instead of live football games).

Football is the world’s number one betting sport, with millions wagered around the world every day on tournaments as diverse as the World Cup and the Turkish Super League.

So it may surprise you to know that bookmakers have also seen the need to create another form of football for sports punters to bet on. This is the world of virtual sports betting.

How does virtual football betting work?

Virtual football betting is based, not on real-world football matches, but on a computer-generated simulation of a football game. The effect is similar to that seen in popular console football games, such as FIFA and Pro Evolution.

You can bet on most of the same markets as you do with regular football, such as match winner, time of the first goal, total goals and so on, and then, when the match gets underway, you can watch a computer-generated simulation of a game.

The games themselves involve teams with fictional names and don’t last the full ninety minutes. Although as technology has improved over the years, the quality of the virtual games themselves has increased dramatically, to the point that they are entertaining to watch in their own right.

Advantages of virtual football betting

Virtual football can take some getting used to for regular football punters, but there are advantages to betting on this type of football action:

Disadvantages of virtual football betting

There are, of course, a few downsides with this form of football betting:

Although there are some downsides to virtual football betting, don’t let them put you having a go at this new betting market.

Is virtual football betting fixed?

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We mentioned above that the results of virtual football games were random. This is important to know and understand, as some punters may be concerned that sportsbooks can fix results.

Virtual football operates in the same way that most online casino games do. The results of the games are generated using random number software, ensuring that the results are truly random. The software is also audited by independent auditors so there can be no question of cheating.

How can you win with virtual football betting?

The best way to approach virtual football betting is in the same way that you should approach online slots betting, accepting that this is a game of chance and not skill:

Virtual football is as much about entertainment as it is about sports betting, but as long as you bet with full information, this can be an enjoyable and diverting way to bet.

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