What Is William Hill Cash Direct? How to Keep Your Privacy in 2022

Written By: Dean McHugh
Last Updated: February 14, 2023

The CashDirect service, formerly known as William Hill Quick cash, is a unique payment option that UK players may use to top up their accounts at one of the country’s largest online gambling sites. It’s the ideal answer for anyone who desires privacy or doesn’t want their bank or credit card information stored online.

How Does Cash Direct Work?

Cash Direct allows you to deposit or withdraw cash from a local shop to your William Hill online account. There are a few significant advantages to this, including eliminating the requirement to link a bank card to your online account.

In addition, you can choose to deposit with cash, making it easy to keep track of your betting balance. There are also no credit checks. Any winnings from your online account can be converted into cash at any William Hill location.

It works at all of William Hill’s 2,300 betting shops across the UK. Anyone with an active account on William Hill’s online gaming site will be able to acquire a CashDirect (previously known as quick cash) voucher at their local betting shop. Customers can pay using credit cards or money, and they will receive a voucher with a unique 19-digit code.

Anyone with a William Hill account can purchase the prepaid voucher at any of the company’s physical betting shops in the United Kingdom. This voucher can then be redeemed at an online casino, and the funds are immediately reimbursed. This ensures a high level of privacy and speed.

How to use William Hill cash direct

  • You’ll need an internet account to get the money you deposit in-store when you utilise William Hill cash direct.
  • You can request a CashDirect deposit at the counter at your local William Hill.
  • You can pay with cash or a debit card.
  • You will receive a CashDirect Voucher in exchange for your payment, which will have a unique 19-digit number particular to your deposit amount.
  • Please keep it safe and transfer it to your computer, smartphone, or tablet when you get home.

Use William Hill to apply the CashDirect voucher to your online account. To make a deposit (or visit the cashier), click the link and select the CashDirect option. You’ll be asked for your voucher’s 19-digit code as well as the amount of your deposit. Once you confirm these details, the money will be paid to your online account right away. That’s it; you’re now ready to use your dollars on the internet.

Advantages Of Cash Direct

One of the critical advantages of William Hill Cash Direct is that you may pick up your online wins at a William Hill location near you. This is accomplished using a William Hill-only payout method. The procedure is nearly identical to the deposit method described above.

First, select withdraw from the cashier’s menu. You’ll be given a selection of options to choose from; choose the option to withdraw to cash direct. Next, confirm the amount you want to withdraw; you have the option of selecting between £10 and £500, which can be withdrawn instantly.

Larger quantities are possible but will take longer. Finally, take the CashDirect voucher to your nearest William Hill store. You’ll be able to cash out your prizes if you redeem them over the counter. It’s that simple!

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