What Is The Maximum Payout on William Hill: From £10k to £2m

Written By: Conor Rafter
Last Updated: July 4, 2022

The maximum payout offered by William Hill is £2,000,000. This applies to all club football games available on the site, including:

  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • UEFA Champions League
  • FA Cup
  • EFL
  • Ligue 1
  • La Liga
  • Serie A

Only bets placed on the following club football markets can offer the maximum payout at William Hill:

  • 90 minutes
  • To Win the Cup
  • To Qualify
  • To Win the League

The William Hill maximum payout for horse racing stands at £1,000,000, and this is the second highest-payout allowed on the platform. Only Singles or Multiples bets on race winners are eligible for the maximum horse-racing payout.

What is the William Hill Maximum Payout Per Sport & Event?

  • Football – £2,000,000
  • Horse Racing – £1,000,000
  • Greyhound Racing – £500,000
  • Golf – £500,000
  • Tennis – £250,000
  • Darts – £250,000
  • Snooker – £250,000
  • Rugby – £250,000
  • Boxing – £250,000
  • Cricket – £250,000
  • NBA – £250,000
  • NFL – £250,000
  • MLB – £250,000
  • NHL – £250,000
  • Formula 1 – £250,000
  • Virtuals – £250,000
  • Political Events – £50,000
  • Non-Sports – £25,000
  • Cycling – £25,000
  • Handball – £25,000
  • Volleyball – £25,000
  • eSports – £10,000

Note that “Non-Sports” applies to reality TV shows, awards, Christmas specials, and celebrity specials.

What is William Hill Maximum Payout Rules?

  • The stake is excluded from the maximum payout amount at William Hill.
  • The William Hill maximum payout limits apply solely to winnings earned in one day.
  • Where bets placed on events that occur on the same day are placed on separate days, the maximum payout limit will be determined following the conclusion of the final event rather than the dated order in which the bets were placed.
  • Bets placed in currencies other than Sterling will be paid out per the relevant conversion rate on the day that the bet is settled.
  • Bets that are made up of mixed categories shall be paid out in accordance with the lowest maximum winnings limit.

What is William Hill Maximum Payout In Store?

The William Hill maximum payout for in-store bets is £5,000. This is the maximum amount that can be paid out in cash.

In-store payouts can be processed at the desk by speaking to an employee or by using one of the betting terminals available at various William Hill shops.

What is the William Hill Maximum Payout for BuildYourOdds?

William Hill’s maximum payout for #BuildYourOdds bets is £50,000. This is consistent across each sport supported by the #BuildYourOdds feature.

Does William Hill Offer Maximum Payout for the Lotto?

The maximum payout at William Hill for Numbers games, such as the lottery, is £1,000,000. Only the Irish Lotto and 49S are eligible for the maximum payout amount on the site.

Maximum payouts for other Numbers games at William Hill are:

  • New York Lotto: £250,000
  • Spanish Lotto: £250,000
  • Rapido: £50,000
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