William Hill Comp Points Explained: Convert & Redeem

Written By: William Bunker
Last Updated: October 13, 2022

William Hill Comp Points are a complimentary point system, which rewards players with points for playing on the William Hill Casino platform. These rewards are earned by players based on the amount of cash that they stake. Each point is earned by staking a £10 bet and with enough points, a player can exchange them for withdrawable cash to their balance. This is a promotional offer from William Hill to players to reward them for big bets and frequent play at their online casino.

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Where To Find William Hill Comp Points?

Comp Points can be found in your ‘my account’ section within select casino games. They don’t make it very easy to find, but when you do you will see all of the points that you’ve accumulated in the casino.

Comp Points can only be earned through the William Hill Casino, and here you will be rewarded with points for every £10 spent. They’re not a general loyalty points system, but a casino specific loyalty program.

How To Claim William Hill Comp Points?

You don’t need to claim these points. The points are awarded to players based on bet amounts. If you bet big, you’ll be rewarded in kind. If you bet small, expect to not receive very much compensation. These points are automatically tallied up for you as you play, either on the desktop site or via the William Hill mobile app. There’s no need to apply or claim these points independently, as they’ll be sent directly to your account when you make a qualifying bet on any online casino game. All games are rewarded.

How To Redeem William Hill Comp Points and Convert Them to Cash?

Whatever your rank, you can convert these points for cash to your account balance in a few simple steps, as long as you’ve done a lot of betting already.

  1. Access your William Hill account and go to your favorite live table game from the casino tab.
  2. Here you look for a ‘my account’ section near the bottom of the screen. It is not present in all games, only a selection.
  3. If your game doesn’t have a ‘my account’ section, try another until you find it.
  4. In this section, you can get a look at how many Comp Points you’ve earned and exchange them for cash to your balance with one click.
william hill convert comp points
Redeem your comp points through your account.

Comp Points are an elusive tailwind for the humble weekend gambler, and a sleeping giant for the professional bigwig players, just waiting to be cashed in.

William Hill Comp Points and Loyalty Program

Comp Points reward the loyal players and these players will have a better return on their points when it comes to cashing in. The top tier Platinum VIP players get up to 20% more when they exchange than the non-VIP players, and these are the players likely to be doing the cashing in. Non VIP players can’t cash in before they have 100 points.

william hill comp points

Hassle Free William Hill Comp Points

Comp points are awarded per £10 bet and accumulate based on your total amount wagered at the casino. They’re designed to be a no hassle reward that is automatically awarded to you for casino play and will be especially well received by the big players that like to gamble on big stakes.

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  1. The so called points is. Not been added to your account and make no sense I have personally send to date over £10,00 pounds and try to get my points and been informed that I only have 63 from last year to date it remains the same after spending over two thousand pounds again no points have been added to my account


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