Who Is in the Paddy Power Advert?

Betting giant Paddy Power are as well-known for their risque advertising campaigns as they are their competition-bashing odds and eye-catching promotions. Described as a “bit of a lads’ mag approach”, the Irish-based bookie has attracted its fair share of critics over the years, with a famous ad being the use of Ryan Giggs’ brother Rhodri to promote a loyalty programme for members.

There are far more fans than critics, and even those opposed to their edgy advertising don’t appear to be putting the marketing team off their stride. They will continue to push the boundaries between comedy and controversy, but all the time, people will be talking about Paddy Power and signing up for online betting accounts.

What is the latest promotion you may have seen on TV, and who is in the Paddy Power advert? We take a closer look and reveal the girl that has viewers talking.

Who is the girl in the Paddy Power advert?

Paddy Power has used many actresses over the years, most of them easy to describe as “attractive”. In 2021 ahead of the Cheltenham Festival and Euro 2020 and we saw an ad that left some viewers smitten, asking who is the girl in the Paddy Power advert? The answer was Abbey Clancy, the partner of former England striker Peter Crouch who also played a part in the brief ad.

The focus of the promotion was on betting at Paddy Power. Still, there’s the usual humour involved, suggesting Crouch is punching above his weight with Abbey, isn’t much to look at and is freakishly tall, but manages to pull it off due to his movement and style.

paddy power who is the girl in the advert peter crouch abby clancy
Image source: Youtube. Abby Clancy features in the 2020 Paddy Power advert with Peter Crouch.

Who is the actor in the Paddy Power advert?

Paddy Power has used many actors for their TV adverts, but most are recognisable stars of sports such as horse racing and football. There was one non-sportsman who made an appearance in 2019. Some viewers didn’t get it at first, but when asking who is the actor in the Paddy Power advert it soon became apparent the bookie was back sailing close to the wind with their recruitment.

Relying on the controversy of the story concerning Ryan Giggs and his brother’s partner, Paddy Power used Rhodri Giggs to promote, using the strapline “Loyalty is Dead”. Playing a starring role in that TV ad must have been difficult for the Welshman, but he seemed to take it in his stride and played on the risky humour aspect of it all. His face became known, and people stopped asking who is in the Paddy Power advert and started asking how can Rhodri do it?

Who is in Paddy Power advert?

That wasn’t a question that was asked too often when Paddy Power hijacked the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor boxing match. The bookie paid Money Mayweather to wear their lucky pants when stepping on the scales for the public weigh-in, and that was despite McGregor being one of the most famous Irishman in sport. Not often – probably never again – will the answer to who is in Paddy Power advert be Floyd Mayweather.

Who does the Paddy Power adverts?

We have covered who have been in the adverts but who does the Paddy Power adverts? A fearless marketing team with a sense of humour, you would imagine. The company behind the adverts and much of the marketing is a London based firm named VCCP who has also worked with many top global brands. It’s fair to call the work they do with Paddy Power unique, and they are capable of much more serious marketing.

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