Who Is the Woman in the Ladbrokes Advert?

Charlotte Cooper plays the bass, is the co-lead and provides backing vocals for English rock band The Subways. She is also the answer to the question, who is the woman in the Ladbrokes advert that was shown on TV this summer.

The UK based online betting company with a presence in most major betting nations worldwide went all out in their coverage of the Euro 2020 football tournament played in the summer of 2021. The competition was forced back 12 months due to the COVID-19 outbreak meaning the anticipation grew for another season.

Fans couldn’t wait for the big kick-off, and the event proved to be the most-watched and most bet on Euros in history. It was no surprise to learn Ladbrokes had used the extra time wisely, and they were ready when the play got going. The TV advert shown to millions across the United Kingdom was just one of the promotions used by the online sportsbook, casino and lottery provider on the approach to and during Euro 2020.

Now we have an answer to who is the woman in the Ladbrokes advert. Let’s take a closer look and find out who she is and why she played such a major role in the bookmaker’s football coverage of 2021.

The Subways provide the soundtrack

The Ladbrokes advert was a striking and memorable one, as you would expect from such a popular and successful company. The storyboard of the ad focused on a player setting up to take a penalty at a crowded football stadium. Remember, that in itself was something unique at the time as most football arenas had been empty for months due to the COVID regulations. It was exciting to fans and reminded people they would be returning.

Drummers gathered on the pitch as the player prepared to take his spot-kick, looking confident and focussed but ready to go against a goalkeeper looking equally as confident and focussed. It looked to be the perfect match on the field of play.

The drummers were present in pubs, homes and other locations as families, friends and football fans watched the live action on TV. There was no obvious betting angle to this advert. Instead, it was about people coming together to enjoy the beautiful game in all its glory. Tensions were high, viewers were on the edge of their seats, and the viewer could feel the atmosphere rising. All along, the striker and goalkeeper remained calm.

The scenario played out against the soundtrack of The Subways most popular track Rock and Roll Queen. Charlotte featured in the crowd of drummers and stole the show with her punk look and enthusiasm. So much so, football fans, bettors and everyone else viewing the ad were left asking, who is the woman in the Ladbrokes advert. You now know the answer.

Rumours suggest Ladbrokes plan to stick with the band and continue their working relationship with The Subways and, in particular, with Charlotte. That was to be expected given how the public took to her.

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