A Guide To Betting On The X Factor : Odds, Predictions & Free Bets


In the past few years betting on The X Factor has become widely popular up and down the country. Bookmakers in the UK have been taking millions of pounds in bets on the winning act, the winning judge and the first judge to be left with no acts.

Current Odds In Order Of Favourite

Best Bookmakers For X Factor Betting


After a brief switch in the odds Saraa Aalto became the UK’s favourite coming into this weekend, but after some impressive performances and face squinting from Matt Terry – he became 2016s X Factor winner. After an all round brilliant X Factor Final weekend – it looks like they’ll be back for another year after rumours that 2017 would be an X Factor free year.

SO roll on next Autumn when more lucky hopefuls will take the stage for The X Factor 2017 – please, no more Honey G’s….

Every Autumn since 2004 our weekends have been filled with drama, emotions, big voices and acts so atrocious they shouldn’t even be allowed to sing in the shower. This year is no different. Since the 27th of August, we’ve been glued to the TV each weekend watching more hopefuls trying to impress the judging panel.

When betting on The X Factor, you need to bear in mind that the bookmaker’s favourite doesn’t always win. We’ve put together a list of the previous bookmaker favourite contestants that didn’t win the show.

What’s Changed This Year?

After last year’s catastrophic series The X Factor producers really needed to shape things up. Major changes have taken place and the “fresh” judges and presenters from last year have been kicked to the curb, making way for the original experts. Dermot, Louis, Nicole, and Sharon have all reprised their places on the show in hopes to improve ratings and give X Factor back its, well…. X Factor.

From what we’ve seen so far, it seems the old and well-loved X Factor style is back. Not only did we say goodbye to Cheryl, Nick Grimshaw, Rita Ora and the awful presenting duo, Olly and Caroline,

We’ve also said goodbye to the arena auditions in favour of the original, intimate audition room.

However, some things have stayed the same, the controversial 6 seat challenge will still take place to the disappointment of many contestants and fans. Many fans expected to see the end of this “brutal and torturous” stage during the reshuffle, but unfortunately no such luck.


Will we see another number one artist? I’m not sure, but we don’t usually see full potential until the live shows – Remember Little Mix’s Don’t Let Go performance and James Arthurs Adele Cover? Those two performances were defining moments for them both.

Let’s hope whoever wins this year doesn’t end up like Louisa Johnson – although, doing well in the charts now,  the winners single Louise was given was atrocious.

So will we see more amazing artists like: Leona, Alexandra Burke, Little Mix, One Direction, Olly Murrs and Jls

Or will we have more flops like: Ben Haenow, Sam Bailey, Shane Ward and Steve Brookstein.

“Who wins, you decide….” – oh wait, wrong show…..