Can Paddy Power close an account?

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Paddy Power offers new customers a stunning welcome bonus free bet when they sign up for an online betting account and place their first wager on the sport of their choice. The registration process is often an exciting time for bettors who are taken in by the new player promo and want to get down to the serious business of gambling on sports like football, horse racing and greyhounds.

In their haste, many new bettors forget to read through the terms and conditions associated with opening an account with this Irish-based online sportsbook. Others skim through the small print and click the box to confirm they have studied it in full. This is a mistake and one you should avoid making at all costs.

Why is reading the T&Cs so important?

Because understanding the rules increases your enjoyment of the site and improves your chances of making a profit from betting. It also limits the chances of any surprises cropping up when betting or using promotions.

One important feature of the terms and conditions concerns the suspension and cancellation of an account.

Why is my Paddy Power account closed?

Yes, of course, but it’s not a decision they will take lightly. It’s the worst case scenario and something most gamblers would not expect.

There are a number of reasons the team at Paddy Power feel it necessary to close an online betting account and they range from the simple to more complicated.

In most cases, an account is shut down because:

Most of the time, a bettor who hasn’t been playing by the rules will know why their account has been closed down.

paddy power how to verify account

Failing to verify your account is a common reason for account closure.

How to unsubscribe from Paddy Power

You can close or limit your Paddy Power account yourself. This could be a move to tackle problem gambling. Perhaps you are spending too much time and money betting online and have made the decision to close your account and unsubscribe from Paddy Power.

Follow these steps to close your own account. They can be done on your mobile or desktop computer.

  1. Log in to your account and access the member’s area
  2. Select the responsible gambling section and browse the options
  3. Click to close your account and provide the necessary details
  4. Confirm you wish to close your Paddy Power account
  5. Your online betting account will be closed, and you won’t be able to log in

That is how to delete your Paddy Power account, but there are other more temporary measures such as suspending your account, limiting the amount you can deposit and bet each day/week/month and taking a break from betting.

On the frequently asked questions tab of the Paddy Power site, you will find more information on how to delete my Paddy Power account with a link to the responsible gambling page. You can also speak to a member of the customer care team who can advise you further.

paddy power how to close account and self exclusion

What happens after I delete my account?

If you visit the website or app and attempt to use your old login details after having already closed it, you won’t be permitted access to your account. Instead, you’ll be met by a message that informs you the account has been closed.

As this is a measure used to tackle problem gambling, Paddy Power takes it very seriously. You can’t close your account and then open it again when you fancy. The decision to unsubscribe from Paddy Power is final and should be taken as a last resort and only after you have exhausted all other alternatives. You may now understand how to delete a Paddy Power account, but please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

How to deactivate Paddy Power account – The Alternatives

These alternatives to closing the account are designed to limit the amount of cash you spend on betting or give you a break from online gambling so you can think things through and consider your next move.

The most popular is to suspend your account for 30 days. During this time, you will be unable to log on to your betting account, can’t deposit funds or place bets. This is set for the agreed time period, and there is no way around this. The temporary ban can’t be shortened for any reason, but it can be extended if you feel it should be after 30 days. This will give you a break from the site and allow you time to consider if you wish to close your account or return to betting online with Paddy Power.


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