About Us

OTBB was developed to help educate users about online betting and bookmakers. We maintain several guides on sports betting that cater for both beginners and more advanced gamblers. We select the best bookmaker websites in the UK and provide user friendly guides on how to use them.

Based in London, we have been established since late 2015 when we began developing the website. At present we’re a team of four. We’ve all got expertise when it comes to sports betting, football analysis and bookmaker bonus offers.

Our Mission

Our mission remains consistent : to help people with their sports betting and use of bookmakers.

Casual gamblers may just want to place a small bet on a big event like the Grand National, whilst more advanced gamblers may be looking for a new customer bonus for a more complex bookmaker that offers Asian markets for them to bet with.

Take a look at our betting guides for advice on how to bet on football and a range of other topics that are regularly updated.

Our Team

OTBB currently consists of three writers and a social media manager. In time we expect to grow and take on more writers in order to cover a broader range of sports. If you’d like to contribute some content or make some suggestions for the website, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.


ames runs the website. At the sharp age of 30, he’s an expert when it comes to bookmakers, having been using them since 2005 when the online betting scene exploded with popularity. A big lover of sports, James has been into sports betting for many years now and has accounts with all the bookmakers that you see on the site.
James has written the following guides and is responsible for keeping them up-to-date with the latest offers –

Petko S

Petko is our resident betting guru. He has over ten years experience with sports betting and online casino games. He’s an excellent writer and regularly writes our how-to guides, advice and useful tips to those that are looking to improve their sports betting strategy. Profitable sports betting is all about research, discipline, and good money management. These subjects have all been covered in detail by Petko, and you can find the entire contents of these guides over on the betting guides page.


Akshay is a huge Chelsea fan that has been writing for over five years on sport, with a speciality and a passion for football. A huge Chelsea fan, Akshay joined the team in July 2016 when we noticed what an incredible talent he had for pre-season previews with a focus on new players, tactics and formations. His in-depth knowledge of European football is incredible, particularly his grasp on the English premier League.


Heather is our little tweeter, responsible for all our social media accounts. Primarily managing our Twitter, Heather is pushing the rest of us to get some content produced in video format then we can get marketing on YouTube too with some beginner videos and how-to tutorials on using the bookmakers.