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What Is OnTheBallBets?

OnTheBallBets is a sports betting website dedicated to providing educational betting guides, online bookmaker reviews and how-to guides. We also list betting offers and promotions across a range of sports and sporting events, such as Football, The World Cup, Horse Racing, The Cheltenham Festival and The Grand National.

Who Writes The Content On The Website?

The articles on the website are written by our team of in-house content writers, who are all experienced in the field of sports betting. The OnTheBallBets writers were hired as they are betting experts, and are all capable of producing high-quality how-to guides to educate our readers on the subject of online sports betting.

Is OnTheBallBets For Beginners Or Experienced Online Bettors?

The site has been built to cater to both beginners to sports betting and pro bettors, and both audiences will find information that can be helpful.

Sports Covered By OnTheBallBets

OnTheBallBets has 100+ articles on football betting, and plans to cover a wide range of sports betting subjects, including betting on horse racing, golf, tennis, cricket, darts, formula 1 and boxing.

OnTheBallBets will cover more sports inlcuding US sports such as the NBA and NFL in 2023.

Responsible Gambling

At OnTheBalllBets we have a responsibility to promote responsible gambling. For each bookmaker that we review, we also produce a series of how-to guides and tutorials, including articles on how to close, limit and use the self exclusion feature in order to help protect players from problem gambling.

OnTheBallBets History

OnTheBallBets was originally known as CompareTheBets, started in January 2016 by James Thomas. In 2018 the comparethebets.com domain was rebranded to OnTheBallBets.com.

In 2022 OnTheBallBets was acquired privately by M & B Marketing. The site was re-designed and re-launched with a large amount of new bookmaker guides, reviews and sports betting tutorials.

The site has been built to cater to both novice and pro bettors and both will find information that can be helpful.

We hope you enjoy visiting OnTheBallBets and make sure to bookmark the site so you can keep updated will all the latest news.

What Is OnTheBallBets’ Mission?

Our mission remains consistent: to help people with their sports betting journey and use of online bookmakers.

Casual gamblers may just want helping with placing a small bet on a big event like the Grand National, whilst more advanced gamblers may be looking for a bookmaker that offers Asian markets for them to bet with. Whatever the reason for your resarch we have a guide for you.

Take a look at our betting guides for advice on online sports betting across a whole range of sports.

Company Details

OnTheBallBets is owned by EURL M & B Marketing.

Company Registration Number: 837729300

VAT Registration Number: FR71837729300

Company Address:

12 Rue Anselme,
Saint-Ouen sur Seine,

(+33) 1 87 65 97 96

Contact Us

If you have any feedback about the site, errors/misinformation to report, or for advertising requests, please contact us using the phone number or email address below.

Phone: +33 187 659796

Email: admin@ontheballbets.com

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I am a total sports fan, in particular horse racing, football and golf, and have been writing about these and other sports for a number of years. I have had the chance to attend many of the biggest horse racing events in my time and my sporting claim to fame has to be winning the inaugural RacingTV Tipstar contest back in 2014. When not watching or writing about sports and sports betting I like to take an interest in cryptocurrency, and last but not least spending time and playing with my two young grandchildren.

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