What does BTTS in football betting mean?

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The global popularity of football betting means that sportsbooks will always be looking for new ways to create football betting opportunities. While most football betting customers focus on the traditional match winner market, many opt to look at the less high profile betting options. 

These can include such betting options as handicap betting, correct score betting, over/under betting and the focus of this article, BTTS. 

What does BTTS mean?

At first glance, BTTS looks like more tricky betting jargon designed to trip up the newcomer. But it’s actually quite simple. BTTS stands for Both Teams To Score. 

These markets are usually available on most football events, from high profile Champions League games even down to fifth and sixth tier domestic club football. 

With a BTTS score bet, there are only ever two options. A typical BTTS market on a Premier League game might look something like this:

If you think that both teams will score in the match, then you can bet Yes, and if think one or both of the teams will not score, then you can opt for No.

How do you win a BTTS bet?

A bet in the BTTS market is one of the easier bets to calculate. If you bet on Yes on the BTTS option for a game and both teams score one goal or more, your bet will be a winner. 

It is worth noting that own goals also count here. All that you need to focus on when you’re working out if your BTTS bet is a winner, is the final score, not the manner in which the goals were scored. 

Bet365 are a great bookmaker for betting on the BTTS market.

football supporter in green and yellow holding flag

Image Source : Pixabay.com. Brazil are always a great team to back to score in football betting.

Is BTTS a good bet?

Like any other football betting market, the BTTS markets have certain qualities that you may find to help you to profit, depending on the circumstances. 

screenshot of bet365 football betting page

Image source : Bet365.com screenshot. You’ll find the BTTS market on a Bet365 match coupon by clicking on the “Goals” tab.

For instance, if an upcoming match features two high scoring teams and you are finding the match winner’s market hard to weigh up, betting Yes on the BTTS market could be one option to profit from your opinion (assuming of course, that you’re correct!). 

Equally, if both teams tend to take a cautious and defensive approach or one of the teams is likely to play for a point, then the No option might be a good BTTS bet to consider. 

When weighing up the BTTS market, the obvious starting point, therefore, is to consider the goal scoring records for both of the teams, as well as trying to assess how each team might approach the game. Will they be going for goals or playing it tight? Is one side missing a key defender?

These factors will have to be analysed before you make a BTTS bet. As with any other market, you will also have to assess whether the price available on each BTTS option represents value. BTTS betting is not a shortcut to betting success, but it does add another tool to your betting tool kit. 

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