3 Way Corners Betting Market Explained – Over/Under/Exactly

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Last Updated: October 17, 2022

3 Way Corners Betting Market

3 way markets expand on their 2 way counterparts, offering an extra option for you to add to your selection. With 3 way betting markets, you can bet on the exact number of a particular statistic taking place in a match (goals/shots/cards/corners), as well as whether there will be over or under a set threshold.

3 Way Corners markets allow you to wager on how many corners will be taken during a full football match. You can take a punt on Over/Under selections or bet on the precise amount – the choice is entirely up to you.

Unlike 2 way markets, you’re no longer chained to the limit of having just two options to bet on. Moreover, with an additional selection (the ‘Exactly’ option), you have one more way to win compared to 2 way markets and similar offerings.

Here’s how William Hill defines ‘3 Way Corners’ markets:

William Hill

Total Corners 3 Way: Select whether the number of corners taken in a nominated group of matches is over/under/exactly the specified option.

3 Way Corners Betting Market Explained - William Hill Total Corners 3 Way

How 3 Way Corners Bets Work

This is how a bet on ‘3 Way Corners’ can win:

  • You bet on the total number of corners being Over/Exactly/Under the limit set by the bookmaker.
  • If you choose ‘Exactly’ and the number of corners matches the number set by the bookie, you win.
  • Should you pick ‘Over’ and the number of corners in the match exceeds the proposed threshold, your bet wins.
  • A bet on ‘Under’ will win when there are fewer corners in the match than the bookies’ limit.

Here’s a hypothetical example of how you could win a bet in a match between Tottenham and Chelsea:

  • The bookmaker is offering Over/Under/Exactly 10 corners in the 3 Way Corners market.
  • Bets on ‘Over’ win if there are more than 10 corners in the game.
  • Under’ bets win if the combined number of corners awarded to Chelsea and Tottenham falls short of 10.
  • Exactly’ wagers win if there are precisely 10 corners in the fixture.

Terminology For 3 Way Corners

Anyone familiar with 2 way betting markets should be able to quickly grasp 3 way markets. 2 way corners markets offer two selections to pick between: Over/Under. 3 way corners markets let you bet on those two options, plus another – ‘Exactly’.

But how do I know which to bet on? Where do I start?

You start by getting to know what this market offers, bit by bit. There should be no confusion when deciding between 3 way corners and 2 way corners, or any other market for that matter. When you understand the terminology of a market, placing bets becomes much easier.

The number ‘3’ in this market refers to how many options are available to you. If the number was ‘1’, you would have one option, if it were ‘2’, you would get two options. ‘3’ resembles the trio of selections open to bettors in this betting market.

Way’ comes immediately after ‘3’ and forms the phrase ‘3 Way’. This means that the selection on display goes three ways:

  • Over
  • Under
  • Exactly

With other markets, like 2 way, only ‘Over/Under’ can be selected. By adding an additional choice for punters to make, the market switches from 2 way to 3 way.

And lastly, perhaps the most important word of all for this market, ‘Corners’. This is the statistic that we’ll be betting on in this 3 way market. If this part of the market’s title read ‘Goals’, ‘Cards’ or Shots’, we’d be betting on a completely different in-game occurrence. 

Corners are given to the attacking team when a player on the defending side last touches the ball before it goes out of play. Specifically, the ball must leave the field of play by going behind either goalpost or above the crossbar. If it does not, a corner will not be awarded.

As more corners are awarded by the referee, the bookmaker updates its statistics on the match. If at the end of the match your threshold for ‘Over/Under/Exactly’ is met (or fails to be met), your bet can settle.

3 Way Corners Betting Strategy

Some bets are won with pure, unadulterated luck. The bettor puts no research into statistics, recent form or injury news and, instead, relies solely on hope. This may work once or twice, but lucky winning runs rarely last forever.

That’s why you need to incorporate a strategy into your betting. 3 way corner markets are difficult to predict at the best of times and there’s a variety of information necessary to take into account before jumping into a wager. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

For starters, you absolutely must look at the current corner trend for both sides. Ask yourself some questions to know what to look for:

  • Do they typically match the oppositions’ corner count?
  • Do they earn more corners than average?
  • Do they usually get more corners than the opposition?

Use the answers to those questions to formulate a decision. There are no right or wrong answers, only education.

Corner Statistics Are Key

It’s no use to bet on ‘Over 10 Corners’ in a game between two sides that never earn corners in the first place. The odds are probably enticing, and you may see some tasty returns when you enter your stake, but the sportsbook isn’t trying to fool you here. It’s telling you that this bet is unlikely to happen. Just by looking at the prices, the bookie has done most of the research for you.

But that doesn’t mean you should only bet on selections with low odds. On occasion, you can find great value in unexpected areas of 3 way corners markets. However, this is only possible if you carry out diligent research and study beforehand.

Here are some quick 2021/22 corner stats from SoccerStats.com to get you off on the right foot:

  • 61% of Manchester United games had over 10 corners – the highest in the league.
  • Burnley conceded an average of 6.97 corners per game, the worst record in the Premier League.
  • Manchester City earned the most corners per game on average at 8.32.
  • Only Manchester City (2.84), Liverpool (3.08) and Chelsea (3.97) conceded under 4 corners per match on average. 

You can research the latest statistics on corners by heading to the Premier League’s official website. Alternatively, visit stat-focused platforms like:

  • SoccerStats.com 
  • FootyStats.org 
  • FootCharts.co.uk

Recommended Bookmakers For 3 Way Corners 

Some bookmakers offer better value while others focus on providing wide selections. The important thing is to find a nice balance and make yourself comfortable wherever you choose to bet.

For example, Bet365 tend to lean on the minimalist side of things when it comes to 3 way corner markets. As such, the site is limited in terms of what it can offer on a game-by-game basis but may serve up improved odds compared to jam-packed rivals in the industry.

An example of this comes in the form of Bet365’s listed prices for Germany Women vs France Women in the 2022 European Championships. The popular bookie has just one selection on the table:

  • Over/Under/Exactly 10 Corners in the game.
3 Way Corners Betting Market Explained - Germany Women v France Women

Flick over to Paddy Power, and we see that there are multiple prices on show for first half and second half 3 way corner markets. 

3 Way Corners Betting Market Explained - Paddy Power multiple prices
3 Way Corners Betting Market - Paddy Power multiple prices

It all comes down to personal preference. If you prefer betting on Bet365 because that’s where you feel most at ease – that’s not a problem. You should be aware, though, that you may be missing out on value elsewhere. 

And the same goes for bettors looking to bet on 3 way markets at sites other than Bet365. From time to time, Bet365 may outshine your favourite bookie with terrific, rewarding odds not found anywhere else. Hence, shopping around is crucial to getting the most bang for your buck.

Check out these sports betting sites for more selections on 3 way corner markets:

  • William Hill
  • BetVictor
  • Betfair

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