Corner Match Bet Betting Market Explained

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Last Updated: June 16, 2023

what does corners match bet mean?

The ‘Corner Match Bet’ market lets you wager on the team to end the game with the most corners. It’s similar to the ‘Full Time Result’ market, in that your bet does not require a particular threshold to be met in order to win. 

Rather, the team you pick must simply come out on top in the ‘corners’ statistic. Any number of corners may be taken within the match; the only thing that matters is that the side you select finishes the game with more corners than the opposition. 

This market is also known as ‘Team With Most Corners’ at certain sportsbooks, like William Hill. The popular UK bookie described Corner Match Bet (Team With most Corners) as:

William Hill

Predict which team will take the most corners in a match.

Corner Match Bet Betting Market Explained - WIlliam Hill Definition

The bookie notes that the following rules apply to bets on Corner Match Bet markets:

  • Bets are settled on events that occur during normal time.
  • Extra Time doesn’t count.
  • A corner awarded but not taken doesn’t count.
  • A corner that’s retaken on the instruction of the match official will only count once.
  • If both teams take the same number of corners, the winning selection in this market will be a draw.

Here’s an example of a winning bet in the Corner Match Bet market:

Corner Match Bet Winning Example

Manchester United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford in the Premier League. Having studied recent statistics of both sides, you determine that Chelsea are more likely to be awarded corners than the hosts. 

Your bookie is offering Corner Match Bet odds on Chelsea at 2.00 (1/1). Therefore, a £10 bet on this selection would return £20, making a £10 profit. As long as Chelsea earns a greater number of corners compared to Manchester United, your bet wins.

For instance:

  • Chelsea get 8 corners and United get 3.
  • United are awarded 4 corners and Chelsea earn 7.
  • United take 6 corners but Chelsea are given 10.

In all three scenarios, you’ll make a profit.

Terminology For Corner Match Bet

Being one of the most basic statistical markets out there, Corner Match Bet wagers are widely accessible to players of all gambling experience levels. The bet type is a great way to get off on the right foot as a novice and serves as a niche avenue for veteran bettors to make money.

Let’s break down the terminology for this bet, piece by piece.

The word ‘Corner’ in this market refers to the act of taking a corner kick. This is a set-piece in football, awarded to attacking teams when the defending side hits the ball out of play and behind the goal-line on either side of the goalposts or over the crossbar. The attacking side is then given the opportunity to create a scoring opportunity from the corner of the pitch, in line with the nearest goalpost.

With ‘Corner’ present at the start of the betting market’s name, we know that any selection will relate to this type of football set piece.

Next up, we have ‘Match’. In football, a ‘match’ is a 90-minute affair between two sides where the winner is decided by the scoreboard at the end of the tie. By including the word ‘match’ in this market, we know that the bet is settled once the match ends and not after a given period of time (i.e. 10 minutes) or on a per-half basis.

Lastly, ‘Bet’ in this market is more or less what you’d expect: a bet. This is simply tagged onto the end of ‘Corner Match’ to tell us that it’s a bet on the number of corners in a match, nothing more and nothing less.

Throw all of these words together and we get ‘Corner Match Bet’. 

Corner Match Bet Betting Strategy

Rushing into a bet like a deer in headlights is the best way to hemorrhage money. This is especially true for bets on corners – markets notorious for being difficult to predict for even the most experienced of punters. 

That’s why we recommend developing a strategy first. By utilizing a formula to conclude why you should or should not place a bet, you’ll have peace of mind that the reasons behind the punt were based on a solid foundation.

When betting on the ‘Corner Match Bet’ market, the first thing you need to do is research both teams’ recent fixtures. Specifically, you must look at how often each side has earned more corners than their opponents. Betting on a team that never outscores the opposition when it comes to corner kicks is a terrible idea, but it’s something many unaware bettors often do. 

Viewing corner statistics is easy, making your job simple. Any half-decent football app or website should have all the data you need. For reference, we recommend the following apps for researching corner stats:

  • FotMob app
  • Premier League official website
  • LiveScore app

Each of these platforms will provide plenty of insight as to which teams outperform others in terms of corners awarded. Here’s an example of how this research is done, using FotMob as our tool:

Huddersfield and Burnley kick off the new Championship season at the John Smith’s stadium. According to FotMob’s app, Huddersfield have outscored their opponents for corners in each of the last seven meetings – a record that ranges as far back as 2015. 

According to, Huddersfield averaged 8.7 corners per game in 2021/22’s Championship campaign. In the Premier League during the same season, Burnley averaged only 4.82 corners per match. It should be noted that the Premier League is a more difficult division in which to compete, but that does not negate the fact that Huddersfield’s average was almost double that of The Clarets.

With this information in mind, we can conclude that a bet on Huddersfield in the ‘Corner Match Bet’ market is a good choice. The same research can be carried out for virtually every other game in England’s top four leagues.

Recommended Bookmakers For Corner Match Bet

Almost every sportsbook in the UK offers ‘Corner Match Bet’ selections. As such, your focus should be on trying to find the best value for money across each of the best bookies in the industry.

For instance, SkyBet and Bet365 are offering odds on a friendly between Sligo Rovers and Motherwell. Bet365 has the Irish outfit to earn more corners at 2.75 (7/4), while SkyBet is offering the same selection at 2.50 (6/4). 

A £20 bet at Bet365 would return £55 if Sligo Rover take more corners, whereas the same stake would see you rewarded with £50 at SkyBet for that bet. 

Corner Match Bet Betting Market Explained - Sligo Rovers v Motherwell
Corner Match Bet Betting Market Explained - Most Covers Taken Sligo Rovers v Motherwell

The difference in odds may be minimal, but that does not cross over to your potential returns. If you’re a high roller and bet hundreds of your hard-earned money per wager, you’re looking at much larger variations in the payout you receive. Find bookies you enjoy betting with and get the best possible value for your money. Today it might be Bet365, tomorrow it could be SkyBet. The day after it may be a completely different operator.

Other bookmakers we recommend for ‘Corner Match Bet’ markets include:

  • William Hill
  • Paddy Power
  • BetVictor
  • Betfair

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