Multicorners Betting Market Explained – Example Strategy

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Last Updated: November 23, 2022

Multicorners Betting Market Strategy & Tips

If you’re someone that loves mental maths and wants to earn money, ‘Multicorners’ is the perfect market for you. The bet type is designed around simple multiplication – taking the number of corners awarded in the first half and multiplying the figure by how many are given in the second half.

As corner kicks are football-based, this market is only available for football (soccer) markets. As such, you won’t run into multicorner prices or selections on rugby, tennis, cricket, or any other sport listed on your favourite bookmaker’s platform.

Here’s how multicorners work:

  • The number of corners awarded in the first half is noted.
  • The number of corners in the second half is noted.
  • You multiply the number of corners in the first half by the corners in the second half.
  • If the answer to the sum matches your multicorner bet selection, you win.

One of the UK’s biggest sports betting sites, Bet365, describes multicorners as the following:

Bet365 Description of Multi-corners

“The multi-corners result is calculated by multiplying the number of match corners taken in the first half by the number taken in the second half.”

Multicorners Betting Market Explained - Bet365 description

Multicorners Betting Terminology

The key to this betting market is in the name. ‘Multi’ refers to the market being centred around multiplication (most of which is quite simple), while ‘corners’ tells us which statistic we’re betting on.

Corner kicks are football set pieces, similar to free kicks. They are awarded when the defending side hits the ball out of play – both intentionally and inadvertently – with the attacking outfit given an opportunity to create a scoring chance.

Most of the time, the attacking outfit opts to cross the ball into the penalty box. However, they are free to pass the ball to a teammate in any desired method. Shots struck directly from a corner kick are permitted.

But none of this should matter to you. Whether the attacking team scores or concedes a goal via a counter-attack, the sole action of importance with regard to your bet is the fact that a corner is awarded. Once you have an exact total figure for the number of corners taken in both halves, you can multiply one by the other. When you have your answer, you’ll know if your bet has won.

It should be noted that William Hill and other top bookmakers have specific counting rules for corners:

  • Retaken corners are considered a single (1) corner.
  • Corners that are awarded but not taken do not count towards the match’s statistics. 
  • Unless otherwise stated, corners taken during extra time do not count.

Multicorners Example Bet

To give you a better understanding of multicorners, let’s run through a simple example of how a bet would look. In this scenario, let’s say Arsenal and Newcastle faced off at the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League.

You bet on ‘Over 18.5 Corners’ in the multicorners market. This means that when you multiply the number of corners in the first half by the total amount taken in the second half, the answer must be below 19 for a win.

Therefore, the following corner counts are some outcomes that would see you earn returns on your wager:

  • 3 1st Half Corners x 6 2nd Half Corners = 18 
  • 4 1st Half Corners x 3 2nd Half Corners = 12
  • 5 1st Half Corners x 2 2nd Half Corners = 10
  • 2 1st Half Corners x 8 2nd Hal Corners = 16

The number of corners awarded to a particular side is irrelevant. For instance, if Arsenal were awarded 90% of the corners in the game against Newcastle and the total multicorner result was below 19, your bet would win. The reverse is also true.

Instead of cheering for one team over the other, you should shout for attacking football with shots taken from all sorts of angles. Rather than jumping out of your seat for goals, you rejoice in every successful block or save that goes behind for a corner.

Multicorners Betting Strategy

Now you know how to calculate multicorners and what the market means, it’s time to put together a betting strategy. Without a guide to follow, you could incur unnecessary and avoidable losses.

In school, students study ahead of a test. They’ll research past papers, view facts from the past and record statistical data. You should apply this to your betting strategy if you are yet to do so. Winning money is fun, so why not make it a little bit easier?

This is how you can.

Analyze Games Gone By

Analysis of the past is the key to success in the future. Find information on teams you want to bet on that specifically relates to corners, note it down, then make a decision on your bet.

Betting on corner markets is not a fool’s game. Some bettors may think they can game the system by taking a punt on odds that look too good to be true, not realising that they are the game and are the ones being played. You can avoid such a circumstance by hopping online and digesting corner stats.

Here are some great platforms you should use to gather data for your multicorners bets:


Keep an eye out for the average number of corners earned per half and per game. You can use this information to decide on a multicorners selection. For example:

  • Upon researching, we found that games involving Crystal Palace averaged 9.45 corners in 2021/22.
  • Newcastle United matches had an average corner count of 9.21. 
  • From this, we can estimate that the chances of there being more than 10 corners in a match between Newcastle and Crystal palace are lower than in many other fixtures.
  • A low multicorners bet (i.e. 10.5) looks a good bet for this type of encounter.

For updated statistics on recent games, we recommend checking out any downloadable sports-score app on your mobile device. Our favourites include Livescore and FotMob, but you may find others by searching on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

The official Premier League website and app also provide fantastic insight when it comes to corners and similar stats.

Compare Prices at Different Bookmakers

Too often, bettors miss out on great value by sticking to one or two sports betting sites. We implore you to check out smaller bookies, as well as industry leaders, to get the best value for money.

Multicorners is a difficult market to price. This is because it’s virtually impossible to predict the total number of corners in a game, let alone the first or second half. The added complication of multiplication only furthers the issue.

As a result, some bookies will offer better odds compared to rivals on the market. Shop around to find the best odds for your use case. As the multicorners genre of betting is new to most punters, you could stumble across great value for money in areas you might not expect.

Recommended Bookmakers For Multicorners Markets

Multicorners is a relatively niche market at the moment, with a limited number of bookies publishing odds on this type of selection. Not only does this make finding unique selections difficult but it also reduces your ability to discover better odds on competing operators.

To provide you with a helping hand when getting started on this market, we’ve collected a list of sportsbooks that definitely offer multicorners. The best options can be found below:

  • Bet365
  • BetVictor

Both of these betting sites have apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone for easy betting, with desktop versions also available. Take a look at how multicorners look on the two popular bookies’ markets and the Bet365 betslip here:

Multicorners Betting Market Explained - Bet365 Multicorners
BetVictor Multicorners Betting Market

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