Correct Score Betting Market Explained – Winning Examples

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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Correct Score Betting Market Explained

Bet365’s official description of the ‘Correct Score’ football betting market is as follows:

“Predict the score at the end of normal time. Own Goals Count.”

Bet365’s official description of the Correct Score

“You’re betting on: the scoreline of the match, e.g. Team A 2-1, Team B 3-2, etc.”

Sky Bet

Similar definitions for this market apply across the board at online sports betting sites, with SkyBet defining ‘Correct Score’ betting as:

Correct Score Betting Market Explained - Correct Score
SkyBet defining the ‘Correct Score’ betting market.

In layman’s terms, when you bet on a ‘Correct Score’ market, you’re betting on the final result at the end of normal play. Sportsbooks generally consider ‘normal play’ to be within 90 minutes – plus any additional injury time – but exclude extra time and penalties. 

As such, you should be careful when placing a ‘Correct Score’ wager. Only bet on scorelines you believe may happen within the confines of a standard football match.

This is best described in Ladbrokes’ breakdown of ‘Correct Score’ betting:

  • “All bets are settled on the final score at the end of regular play. If there is an option for “Any Other Score” this will include scores that do not appear in the original list of scores and will be settled accordingly.”

Correct Score Betting Terminology

The ‘Correct Score’ betting market is one of the simpler markets available, but it still comes with a certain level of intricacy. This is especially poignant when betting on variations of the market, with some phrases and terms catching players out from time to time.

For example, ‘Any Other Score’ (present in Ladbrokes’ definition of the Correct Score market) refers to the bettor betting on a score that is not listed on the site’s initial options. This means that if you wanted to bet on a game ending 5-4 but that scoreline was not available on Ladbroke’s list of scores, it would come under ‘Any Other Score’.

Another important term to note is ‘Anytime Correct Score’. If the score you bet on is correct at any time in the game, you’ll be paid out winnings in full. An example of this can be found below:

  • You bet on Chelsea to beat Arsenal 2-1 on Ladbrokes.
  • Chelsea go 2-1 up in the 57th minute.
  • You get paid out instantly, despite the match still being in play.

Some bookies, like William Hill, offer a market called ‘Live Score’. It works in the same way as ‘Correct Score’ markets, with the sole difference being that the match is in-play. As a result, you’re betting on the Live Score of the event rather than estimating the result before the match begins. Odds on this market fluctuate more than in standard ‘Correct Score’ markets.

Correct Score Betting Market Explained - Live Score

How Correct Score Betting Works

The premise is quite simple, and we’ll use William Hill’s easy-to-understand official description of ‘Correct Score’ betting to describe it:

Correct Score: Predict the score in a match.

Correct Score Market Description

You pick a football match, compare the possibilities, and then select the scoreline you believe best fits the occasion. The selection is added to your betslip, where you input your stake and confirm the wager.

Here are a few examples of winning ‘Correct Score’ bets, placed on SkyBet.

Spain vs Portugal Correct Score Example

Spain will play bitter rivals Portugal in the UEFA Nations League, with the hosts coming in at 2.20 (6/5) to win. Considering each of the previous three meetings between these famous footballing nations has ended in stalemates, you want to bet on a high-scoring draw. 

To do this, you would:

  • Open SkyBet and find Spain vs Portugal under the ‘Football’ section.
  • Scroll down to find ‘Correct Score’.
  • SkyBet are offering a Correct Score of 3-3 at 67.00 (66/1).
  • A £10 bet on a 3-3 draw between the two sides would see you win £670.
Correct Score Spain v Portugal

Italy vs Argentina Correct Score Example

The so-called Finalissima between Italy and Argentina sees the European and South American champions face off in a one-time affair. The game is held at Wembley, with stars from both tournament winners expected to make an appearance. 

The South American outfit has come out on top in the last two games against Italy, winning 0-2 and 1-2 respectively. Let’s say that impacts your decision, and you think Argentina will bag a couple of goals with no reply from the Italians.

  • Head to the Football tab on SkyBet and select Italy vs Argentina.
  • Find the ‘Correct Score’ area and select ‘0-2’ at 12.00 (11/1).
  • A 0-2 win for the Argentine side will see you earn £60 from a £5 bet.
Correct Score Betting Market Explained - Correct Score Italy v Argentina

Scotland vs Ukraine Correct Score Example

Our final example of this popular market will be played between two sides vying for a spot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, based in Qatar. The winner faces off against Gareth Bale’s Wales in the World Cup Qualifier Playoff Final, so there’s plenty of pressure on the line here.

Let’s imagine you see this as enough reason to believe it will be a cagey 90-odd minutes, with both teams reluctant to make any costly errors. Remember – ‘Correct Score’ is only representative of the score over the course of a normal match and does not include extra time or penalties.

  • Open the Football tab and find ‘Scotland vs Ukraine’.
  • Head down the markets page until you find ‘Correct Score’.
  • There, you see that SkyBet is offering a 0-0 Draw at 7.50 (13.2).
  • A £5 bet on this outcome would win you £37.50 should either side fail to make a breakthrough.

Remember – ‘Correct Score’ is only representative of the score over the course of a normal match and does not include extra time or penalties. When the referee blows the full-time whistle at the end of the 90 minutes, that’s when your bet settles. No earlier, no later.

Correct Score Betting Market Explained - Correct Score Scotland v Ukraine

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