The Comeback Kings: Which Teams Should You Bet On When They’re Losing?

Written By: Mike Lovatt
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

In the heart of the 2023/24 European football season, amidst the breathtaking goals and the nerve-wracking finishes, a number of captivating narratives are unfolding. Over in Germany, Bayer Leverkusen are currently ten points clear of Bayern Munich in their bid to end the Bavarians’ 12-year stranglehold on the Bundesliga. In England, a title race for the ages is
unfolding as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal are battling it out for the Premier League, with all three teams separated by just one point with just 12 games remaining.

Each and every year, however, teams become known for their uncanny ability to overturn deficits into vital points, thus becoming known as the Comeback Kings. But who are those teams in Europe’s top four leagues this season, and why should you be keeping an eye on their matches? Well, because you could make bank off them.

Bet In-Play

Live betting has been a part of our lives for well over a decade now, and when teams continue to come back from the dead, it provides a great opportunity to take full advantage of their long odds. The essence of live betting lies in understanding the dynamics of a game as it unfolds.

The teams were about to mentioned thanks to their propensity to mount comebacks, present unique opportunities for bettors at prices much longer than those found prematch. Their matches are seldom over until the final whistle, which means the odds can be particularly favorable for those who believe in their turnaround abilities.

Moreover, these comebacks are not just a matter of luck. They are often the result of tactical adjustments, sheer willpower, and a belief in the team’s philosophy. Betting on such teams requires not just an understanding of the game but also an insight into the character and resilience of the squad. But which outfits should you be looking at?

England’s Resilient Spurs

Throughout the ongoing Premier League campaign, Liverpool and Manchester City top the charts when it comes to points gained after falling behind, picking up 22 and 21 respectively.

However, how often are those two going to trail as the campaign draws to a close? Not very.

Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand have picked up just two fewer points than the reigning champion Blues and are in their place when it comes to points gained from losing positions.

When it comes to the division’s standings as a whole, they are currently in fifth place and are battling it out for a return to the UEFA Champions League this season. That means that they will be giving it their all throughout the final few weeks of the season.

Under Ange Postocoglu, Spurs have been playing an intense pressing game that sees their defensive line as high as humanly possible. As such, they regularly ship goals on the counterattack and fall behind. But they never give up hope and always find a way to mount a comeback. This knack for comebacks isn’t just a testament to their physical fitness but also
speaks volumes about their mental fortitude.

With players who possess both skill and determination, Tottenham’s matches are a beacon for live bettors, offering a glimmer of hope even when the chips are down. Just take a look at their most recent contest against Crystal Palace at home. The hosts fell behind on the hour mark but never wilted and netted three goals in the final 13 minutes through Timo Werner, Christian Romero, and Son Heung-Min to secure all three points and give those betting on live odds a 20/1 windfall.

Italy’s Surprise Package: Bologna

Over in Serie A, Bologna has been the surprise package of the season. Not traditionally seen as one of Italy’s powerhouses, they’ve carved a niche for themselves as the comeback kids of the league. Their ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat has not only won them points but also the hearts of football aficionados. This quality makes Bologna’s games articularly enticing for live betting enthusiasts, who can often find value in odds that underestimate the team’s resolve.

They headed to Atalanta at the weekend and were heavily unfancied to secure the victory. The hosts had won their last eight home league games and scored 24 goals in the process. When they opened the scoring through English winger Ademola Lookman, it looked as though they were set for a ninth straight triumph. However, this Bologna side is made of sterner stuff. they netted two goals in four second-half minutes through Joshua Zirkzee and captain Lewis Ferguson to secure the victory and leave their Champions League hopes intact.

That wasn’t the only time they’ve come back from the dead in recent weeks either. They have managed to overturn losing scores into points in three of their last six games, coming from behind to stun Lazio in the Stadio Olimpico as well as to defeat relegation candidates Sassuolo at home.

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