How To Build A Bet On Bwin – Personalize Your Wagers

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Last Updated: April 13, 2022

Bwin’s take on the increasingly popular Bet Builder feature is named Build A Bet. It lets you create personalized wagers across multiple markets, including many you may not consider being compatible with one another. Unlike accumulators, where you are only allowed to add one market to your bet slip, Build A Bet serves as a more creative way to wager on your favourite sports.

Today, you’ll see how to use Build A Bet on Bwin. From picking the right sport to selecting the perfect market, everything you need to know is covered here.

Read on to find out how does Build A Bet work on Bwin.

How Does Build A Bet Work On Bwin

Build A Bet works by combining markets in one event to make one diversified wager. Think of it as a multiple unique to you, with between 2 and 10 picks available.

When you place a Build A Bet wager on Bwin, it will appear in your bet slip as a Single despite looking like a multiple on paper. Moreover, you can’t mix Build A Bet’s with other multiples or singles included in your bet slip. 

Essentially, Build A Bet works like this:

  • You select a sport to bet on
  • Look for an event with the Build A Bet icon
  • Click Build A Bet from the menu options
  • Add between 2 and 10 selections to your Build A Bet
  • Place your Build A Bet 
how to build a bet on bwin

Yould now be presented with the “Build your bet now” screen.

how to build your bet now on bwin

Read on for an in-depth look at how to place a Build A Bet on Bwin.

How To Build A Bet 

Now you understand the fundamentals of Build A Bet, it’s time to dig deeper into the mechanics of placing one. To get started, check out which sports are available on Bwin and see if any appeal to you. Click on the sport, then scroll through the upcoming events.

You’ll see an orange Build A Bet icon if that event supports Build A Bet. Click on the event and select Build A Bet from the options listed in the menu of markets and bet types at the top of your screen. From here, press Bwin’s Build A Bet button located in the centre of your screen.

A pop-up will appear outlining every market at your disposal. Choose between the following:

  • Popular markets
  • Match markets
  • Teams markets
  • Players markets
bwin bet builder

You can mix and match each of these options as you see fit. This means it’s possible to have Match markets and Teams markets without adding Players markets, all three, or just one. The choice is entirely up to you. Just make sure to only add between 2 and 10 outcomes.

To add the Build A Bet to your betslip, click the green button in the bottom right-hand section of the pop-up. You can view your odds and the entire selection before adding it to your betslip.

bwin bet builder form

Open your betslip and enter a stake in the box provided. Confirm your Build A Bet in the same way that you do with other wagers – simply click the yellow button at the bottom of the betslip.

Keep reading for important terms concerning Bwin’s Build A Bet product.

Build A Bet – Important Notes

There are several crucial points to keep in mind when using Build A Bet at Bwin. In this section, you’ll see what features may not work in tandem with Build A Bet, limits on bet amounts and more:

  • Cash Out is not available for Build A Bet wagers.
  • You cannot use the Edit My Bet feature on a Build A Bet.
  • Build A Bet is only available for pre-match markets.
  • If one selection in your Build A Bet is void, the entire wager is voided.
  • The maximum stake for Build A Bets stands at £750.
  • The maximum winnings for Build A Bets is £2,500.

It’s also worth noting that Bwin may reverse the settlement of a Build A Bet wager if it has reason to believe there is a technical issue or if the bet is settled incorrectly.

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