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Last Updated: April 15, 2022

Cash Out is a feature found on most competent sports betting sites – Virgin Bet included – and with it, you can settle bets early. Its core objective is to put you in control of your own destiny. 

Here, you’ll find out how to use Cash Out on Virgin Bet in every possible way. Whether it be to settle an accumulator or single, as well as eligible sports, you’ll see everything you need to know in the sections below.

Before we dive into all things Cash Out, be sure to check out our pieces on How to Bet and How to Check Bets on Virgin Bet. Both of these articles discuss key guidelines that must be followed before requesting a Cash Out.

Read on to take a look at what is Cash Out.

What Is Cash Out

An increasingly popular addition to the world of online sports betting, Cash Out puts punters in the driving seat. Gone are the days of waiting around for your bet to settle naturally.

Today, you can place sports bets and settle them immediately. A pre-match football accumulator does not need to be 90-odd minutes any longer, click the Cash Out button to make it 75, 60 or even 45 minutes before claiming potential winnings. The choice is yours.

By Cashing Out, you’re protecting against losses and earning profit earlier compared to traditional betting. Depending on in-play circumstances, you may be allowed to Cash Out throughout the entirety of the event or not at all (rare). 

When you hit the Cash Out button, you’re likely accepting odds that are different in value compared to the original price. As such, your returns will probably be smaller than those accumulated by seeing out the wager.

That’s why it’s important to be diligent when considering Cash Out. Things can change quickly in sports betting, with markets fluctuating in value every second. Below are some key points to take away from this section:

  • Cash Out lets you settle bets early
  • If allowed, you can Cash Out during an in-play event
  • Returns from Cashed-Out bets are usually smaller than traditional bets
  • Markets change – never make Cash Outs on a whim 

On occasion, you may notice that Cash Out isn’t available for your bet. Sometimes you may have to let your bet run, and if you have a winner then you will be able to withdraw your winnings. See a list of Cash Out eligible sports at Virgin Bet in the next section.

What Sports Are Eligible for Cash Out on Virgin Bet

All sports are eligible for Cash Out at Virgin Bet. Unlike many competing sportsbooks in the industry, Virgin Bet lets customers settle bets early across every available sport listed on the platform.

Some of the most popular sports for Cash Out include:

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Golf

Despite each sport being supported by Cash Out on Virgin Bet, that’s not to say the feature is permanently available to every customer. More on why Cash Out might not be available later.

Next, we’re focusing on how to Cash Out on Virgin Bet.

How To Cash Out

Cashing Out is just as easy as placing a bet on Virgin Bet. All it takes is a few taps or clicks before returns are calculated and sent to your account wallet.

The first thing to do is visit your Dashboard. This is found via the Profile icon, located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Within your Dashboard are multiple avenues to various areas of Virgin Bet:

  • Open Bets
  • Withdraw
  • Settings
  • Bonuses
  • Bet Responsibly
  • Contact Us
virgin bet how to cash out

Of these options, select “Open Bets”. This is the only way to view the “My Bets” section on Virgin Bet, and it’s in this part of the site that you can catch a glimpse of the following:

virgin bet open bets
  • Open bets
  • Cash Out eligible bets
  • Settled bets
  • Games History

You may notice that some Open Bets and Cash Out bets overlap. This is because many Open Bets and bets ready for Cash Out meet the same criteria – in that they’re in-play and yet to settle. If you were to create a Venn diagram of similarities between Open and Cash Out-eligible bets, you’d notice several similarities.

Click on “Cash Out” to view bets that are currently ready to be settled early. Select a bet from the list (if there are numerous selections) and examine the Cash Out value. When you feel the price is right, click the Cash Out button to confirm the early settlement of your wager. 

virgin bet cash out

A short processing period will commence. This is necessary to ensure there have been no sudden price changes or suspensions of markets, and once completed, funds from your Cash Out will be sent to your account wallet.

To recap:

  • Select the Profile icon
  • On your Dashboard, select Open Bets
  • Open the Cash Out section
  • Select a bet to Cash Out
  • Press the Cash Out button to confirm your request
  • Funds should be added to your account balance right away

If your Cash Out request fails, you may try again if allowed. In some circumstances Virgin Bet may switch off the ability to Cash Out – this can usually be explained. In the next section, you’ll see some explanations as to why Cash Out has been taken down at Virgin Bet.

Why Is Cash Out Not Available?

While there is an almost endless list of reasons for Cash Out being made unavailable, some can be explained better than others. In most instances, you’ll know why Cash Out has been removed. We’ve listed the most common reasons below:

  • In-Play events cause the market to be suspended
  • The market does not support cash out
  • Technical issues
  • Your cash-out value is zero
  • Your selection is valued at less than 100/1
  • The market does not support in-play Cash Out
  • One or more legs of your accumulator bet have been settled as “Lost”

For the majority of users, the remedy is patience. However, there are certain circumstances where playing the waiting game does not suffice. If there is no clear reason or resolution, you should contact Virgin Bet’s customer support team.

Why Does Cash Out Keep Getting Suspended?

Few aspects of online sports betting are as frustrating as the constant suspension of Cash Out. Just as you edge closer to the button, seeking to at least partially prevent an imminent loss or grab winnings before the tide turns, a door shuts in your face. The button can’t be clicked.

“Cash Out” is suspended. Until when? That depends on many factors – all of which are decided by Virgin Bet’s algorithm developed by the team behind the scenes.

For one, in-play events may cause a sudden price change. If an event, such as a football match, sees two sides going hammer-and-tong to win, the market will get suspended a lot. Thus, Cash Out will rarely be open to bettors as constant goal threats equate to potentially dramatic changes of odds. 

Alternatively, the event could be one of controversy. Is it between two sides with a long history of rivalry? Have there been many red cards in recent affairs? What’s the behavioural track record for both teams like? If the answer to any of these questions relates to foul play, you’re probably looking at multiple market suspensions and consequentially, the temporary removal of Cash Out.

It may seem as though Cash Out is being hit by a barrage of suspensions. All you can do is remain patient and alert, for the best time to confirm a Cash Out is when you’re ready to do so – not out of frustration or anger. 

It’s Time To Withdraw Winnings

Now you’ve made a successful Cash-Out and the stake/profit has been credited to your account balance, it may be time to withdraw funds. To take a closer look at your recently-settled bets (including those that have been settled early via Cash Out) head to the My Bets area at Virgin Bet and select the section most relevant to you. Remember to look at our How To Check Bets on Virgin Bet piece for further details on this topic.

When your bet’s been settled, head to the Cashier by opening the My Account menu. Select “Withdraw”, then fill out your banking credentials as necessary. A full guide on How To Withdraw from Virgin Bet is available in our dedicated walkthrough. 

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