How To Change Language on Bet365

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To change the language on Bet365, head to “Preferences” and select the language you’d like to use. The site adapts to the new language instantly, with a few seconds of loading and refreshing the site before it displays everything in your preferred language.

Find easy-to-follow steps on how to change the language on Bet365, below.

How To Change Language on Bet365 – Step by Step

Once you’ve followed the steps listed above, Bet365 will quickly reload the site and shall now read in the newly chosen language.

How To Change Language on Bet365 Using Mobile App

To switch your language on the downloadable Bet365 mobile app, follow the steps listed above. The only difference is the screen scale on which Bet365 operates, which is the case for all mobile apps.

For example, rather than the Account menu sitting on the side of your screen on the desktop, it takes up the entire screen when using mobile devices. Nevertheless, the steps remain exactly the same as laptop and desktop platforms.

What Languages are Available at Bet365?

Bet365 supports a total of 21 languages. Regardless of which one you’re switching to, Bet365 will transition to that language in seconds so you can get back to betting quickly.

Here’s a list of every language supported on Bet365.

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