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Last Updated: October 10, 2022

BoyleSports is home to a vast array of sports markets, with odds refreshed on a daily basis. If you’re new to the site, your first bet may have been eligible for the sites’ welcome bonus. Follow the steps outlined below if you’re yet to place a bet on the sportsbook or if you want to learn how to check your bets on BoyleSports.

  • Deposit and wager £10 on the sportsbook
  • Get a £5 Free Bet in return
  • Earn 50% matched Free Bet up to three times on your next four qualifying bets, up to £5 in total
  • All qualifying bets must be placed at 1/2 minimum odds

So long as you meet the above requirements – and deposit using a method allowed in the T&Cs – you can qualify for and take advantage of the BoyleSports £25 Bet Bundle. Once you’re in, the Free Bet should arrive in your account within the hour. All qualifying players are given 7 full days to use the Free Bet reward. 

If you’d rather not indulge in the £25 Bet Bundle and want to cash out your bet instead – feel free to do so. BoyleSports operates a reliable and fast cash out service that lets you settle bets early, helping to protect against imminent losses and claim winnings earlier than otherwise expected. For more on cash out, be sure to check out our How To Cash Out on BoyleSports piece. 

Keep reading to find out how to check your bets.

How To Check Your Bets

You can check bets on BoyleSports to see if they’re eligible for cash out, soon to be settled or to catch up on the latest scores. Whatever your reason for taking a look at your wagers on the sports betting site, the below steps will help you along the way.

To start, look for the “Open Bets” tab on the homepage. It should be located centrally on your screen, with the My Account and Inbox tabs on either side. Select it to continue to the Bet History page.

boylesports open bets tab

Here, you’ll see a variety of options to choose from. You can filter between the following types of bets:

  • Open Bets
  • Settled Bets
  • Void Bets
  • Cancelled Bets 
  • All Bets

You can opt to examine bets from today, yesterday, the last 3 days, the previous week, all the way up to 3 months ago. Alternatively, you may click “Dates Inclusive” to check bets from any period of time. The default option is to view your last 10 bets.

Moreover, BoyleSports provides a tab that lets you check in-shop bets. Simply place a bet at any of the bookmaker’s retail venues and link the receipt to your online sportsbook account to stay in the know with the wager’s current score and value.

Bets eligible for cash out may be viewed from the Bet History tab by selecting “Open Bets”. However, you cannot settle a bet early from this section of BoyleSports. To cash out a bet, you need to open the in-play category and select “Cash Out” before confirming the early settlement of your wager. For more on this topic, see our cash out guide.

Continue for a breakdown of specific terminology found on BoyleSports. This next section should make it easier to digest what’s on-screen at any given moment when checking bets on the site.

BoyleSports Terminology Definitions

The meaning behind some of the words used on BoyleSports is not always obvious. Sometimes, you may find that grasping online sports betting is difficult due to the jargon – which is understandable.

Sportsbooks are primarily developed to suit regular bettors, with welcome offers meant to entice new players that likely bet on competitor’s platforms. While the influx of new sports bettors hasn’t halted in recent years, there’s no question that getting familiar with particular betting sites and apps is more difficult than necessary.

That’s why we’ve taken words commonly used by bookmakers and defined each one. By the end, you should be capable of comprehending most phrases found at online bookies.

Open Bets

This refers to a bet that is yet to conclude, or “settle”. Wagers that come under “Open” are currently active and will not pay out until the event has finished or the bet is cashed out. 

Open bets are the most important when it comes to checking bets. These bets may be in a pre-game state, ready for cash out or on the cusp of losing – yet as long as the event is ongoing, the bet shall remain Open.

The moment a bet is placed it becomes Open. This does not change until the settlement of the bet – whether that’s a win or a loss – and you can find more information on the settlement of wagers below.


The opposite to Open bets. Settled bets are wagers that have come to a conclusion – whether that be via a cash-out or the natural end of an event. When a bet is settled, you’ll receive winnings depending on the pre-event odds or, if cashed out, you’ll earn returns based on the live odds at the time of settlement.

Settled bets are Open until the final whistle. As soon as the event ends, you should head to the Settled tab to check which of your bets won and to see if any let you down. 


There is very little you can do about a Void bet. When a bet is voided, it is ended early by the bookie. Unlike Settled bets, you will not receive any winnings or incur losses. Rather, BoyleSports will return the stake to your account wallet.

This is because bets are usually made Void due to outside circumstances. Therefore, it’s bad practice to take money from bettors that had nothing to do with in-game events that led to the voiding of a wager. Common reasons for void bets are:

  • Postponement of a fixture
  • The market has been taken down
  • Non-Runner in a racing event
  • Early abandonment of an event
  • The market was published in error

Never assume that your bet has been voided based on any of the above criteria. On occasion, bookies may allow the bet to remain Open if the event takes place within 72 hours (provided it was postponed or abandoned in the first place).


Mostly seen among horse-racing markets, a non-runner refers to a participant that has pulled out of an event. When this occurs on single bets at BoyleSports, you’ll get your stake sent back to your account balance.

When a non-runner is included in your multiple bet, your bet will settle based on the remaining active bets in your selection.

Cancelled Bets

Cancelled bets are essentially the same as void bets. In most cases, a bet is considered to be cancelled if it is ended before the beginning of an event – meaning the bet never had an opportunity to go live, as such.

If your bet is cancelled, BoyleSports should return the stake to your account balance and the bet will be viewable from the relevant tab in your Bet History.

Live/In-Play Bet

A bet that is live or in-play is one where the event is currently underway. The pre-match market you bet on has likely been closed, with new in-play markets open to anyone looking to place bets as the action unfolds. 

You must visit the in-play tab to cash out bets on BoyleSports. 

Verify Your Account To Withdraw

So your bet has settled and the winnings have been sent to your BoyleSports account wallet. There’s just one issue – you haven’t verified your account yet.

This is easy to overlook, yet it is one of the most important aspects of taking part in online sports betting. By law, sportsbooks are required to verify player IDs using photo ID or scans of utility bills to prove age and home address. Doing so improves the security of players’ accounts and guarantees that the bookmaker is complying with current regulations.

For everything you need to know in terms of account verification, head over to our How To Verify BoyleSports Account walkthrough. There, you’ll see how long it takes, how to do it and which documents are needed to carry out the process.

On top of that, we have a How To Withdraw on BoyleSports guide that’ll take you through every step when it comes to transferring winnings from the bookmaker’s website to your preferred banking method. You’ll see a list of available payment methods, plus information on fees and processing times.

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