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Last Updated: October 11, 2022

After placing a bet, you’ll probably want to stay up to date with the latest scores, odds or results of events included in your selection. This is known as “checking bets”.

If you’ve placed a bet that qualifies for SportingBet’s new customer offer, you may be able to use extra funds on your first wager. SportingBet boasts a range of exciting promotions for newly registered players throughout the year, with each offer specially designed to cater to rookies on the platform. 

In addition, SportingBet lets customers cash out select wagers so long as particular requirements are met. The value of your bet must be above zero, each selection must be eligible for in-play betting and the cash out button should be pressed before the end of the event. When you cash out, you’ll settle the bet early and claim any returns associated with your punt. See further information in our How To Cash Out on SportingBet guide.

How To Check Your Bets 

Without checking your bets, it’s impossible to know which wagers have won and which have let you down. On top of that, keeping tabs on your bets is a great way to remain in control of your online sports gambling.

To check your bets on SportingBet, the first thing to do is view the footer menu (the menu located at the bottom of your screen) and select “My Bets”. The icon for this looks like a sheet of paper next to a stopwatch, or a clock.

how to check bets on sportingbet

There are three options on the next page:

  • Live
  • Settled
  • Open
choose bet type on sportingbet

Click “Open” to view any bets where the event is currently underway or the outcome is yet to be determined. Beside “Open” is the “Live” tab, which shows you each active selection. By active, we mean that the event is taking place at the time of checking the bet.

You may find that “Live” and “Open” share some selections. This occurs when a pre-game bet becomes an in-play event, thus allowing the bet to be applied to both tabs. Quite the opposite, “Settled” bets will never share the same selection as those displayed in either “Live” or “Open”. 

A filter on the right-hand side of the My Bets area lets you view bets that have been Won, Lost, Cancelled, or within a select period of time. Use this feature to check bets that have taken place over the last 90 days. 

view bet results on sportingbet

You can return to this area whenever you want to check your bets on SportingBet. Not only that, but you can utilize any of the Quick Links found in the My Bets section to venture towards other areas of SportingBet. The following links are available:

  • Live
  • Today’s events
  • A-Z Sports
  • Home

To recap:

  • Click “My Bets” located in the footer menu
  • View the three available tabs: Live, Open and Settled
  • Check your bets from any of these three areas depending on your selection’s activity 
  • Use information obtained from checking bets to make immediate and future decisions

The Meaning of Terms on SportingBet

Betting can be complicated for newcomers (and sometimes veterans!). Given all the new words and phrases added to online gambling’s already extensive repertoire, it’s no surprise many bettors stick to the basics and what is already known.

We’re here to help you understand some of the most common terminology on SportingBet, as well as some less so. By the end of this section, you should have a solid understanding of what most terms on the site really mean without having to try and work it out alone.


A settled bet is one that has concluded. Winnings have been paid out, losses have been endured. The bet can no longer be changed or edited in any way – meaning cash out is also unavailable.

Settled bets are the final form of wagers, so to speak. Once settled, bets can only be viewed via the “My Sports & Gaming History” tab rather than any of the three primary departments found in the My Bets area.

  • Settled Bets – Bets that are no longer active.


The opposite to settled bets. Open bets are viewable from the relevant tab in My Bets from the moment you click the “Place Bet” button. Although the event may not yet have started, you may be allowed to edit, change or cash out the wager.

This is what makes the bet “open”. It can be changed at the touch of a button, potentially editing the estimated returns of the selection. Once an open bet concludes, it becomes settled.

  • Open Bets – Wagers that are yet to conclude or “settle”.


Other sites refer to “Live” bets as “in-play”. This simply refers to markets or bets that are active in tandem with the event itself. As a result, the odds will fluctuate in accordance with in-game occurrences such as goals, bookings, points and more. For this reason, live bets are highly volatile.

You can view live action by clicking SportingBet’s “Live” icon from the A-Z sports menu or the home page. From there, you’ll catch a glimpse of in-play matches and games from all across the world.

sportingbet live in play
  • Live – Refers to in-play events and bets.


When a bet is voided the stake is returned and the wager is cancelled. More often than not, bets are void due to something out of the player’s control – such as:

  • The postponement of an event
  • The abandonment of an event
  • The market cannot be fulfilled
  • Technical issues

You will be notified if one of your open bets is voided. It should be noted that void bets may also be called “cancelled”.

  • Void Bets – Bets where the wager is cancelled and the stake is returned to your account wallet.


Bets and markets are suspended when in-game events cause the odds to suddenly change. While a market is suspended, you cannot place bets from selections within that market until it reopens.

The easiest way to think of market or bet suspensions is as a temporary ban on all bets on a particular selection. There are various reasons for a market suspension, including: 

  • In-play goals
  • Bookings 
  • Goal threats
  • Technical issues

Remember that suspended markets almost always return on SportingBet. So, if your favourite market is currently down due to suspension – just keep refreshing your page until it comes back to life.

A similar process applies to suspended bets. While suspended, you cannot cash out or edit bets from the My Bets area. You’re required to wait until the market from which your bet was borne is unsuspended before requesting early settlement (cash out).

  • Suspended Bets & Markets – Markets and wagers that cannot be added to your betslip, edited or cashed out due to in-game events or technical issues.

Unlisted Market

This refers to a market that has not been listed on SportingBet’s online sportsbook. To bet on an unlisted market, get in touch with the site’s dedicated support team or send a message over social media.

You’ll receive a response as soon as possible and, if the event is yet to take place, you may be allowed to add an outcome from the unlisted market to your betslip. From then onwards, the bet is treated as though it were taken from a standard sports market.

  • Unlisted Market – A market that has not been listed on SportingBet but can be added to your betslip by contacting the bookies’ Trading team.

Cash Out

To cash out a bet is to settle the bet early. When you process a cash out, you’ll receive returns in correlation with the odds listed at the time of confirmation. 

The odds you take from cash out will almost always be lower than those on the original wager. Therefore, you should expect to see returns smaller in value compared to the potential winnings if you’d seen the bet the whole way through. In rare instances – primarily in cases where every outcome has materialised – you can accept cash out odds that are equal to the ones taken at the time of placing the initial bet.

You can view bets available for cash out in the My Bets section. From here, filter your bets by those eligible for early settlement.

  • Cash Out – Manual early settlement of a bet, usually at different odds compared to those taken on the initial wager.


A “push” bet refers to a rare occurrence in which the final score of an event matches the Point Spread or Total Points/Goals line. All push bets on SportingBet are cancelled, with stakes refunded to your account balance.

Push Bet – The event ties with the point spread or total points line.

Non Runner

Most commonly seen in horse racing, the phrase “non runner” is used on selections that do not participate in the event for any reason. If this applies to your bet, SportingBet may cancel the wager and return the stake to your account wallet.

  • Non Runner – Where your selection does not take part in an event and the stake is refunded.

Won & Lost

  • Won – A bet is “won” when the outcome included in your selection comes good. Winnings will be credited to your account wallet depending on the odds listed at the time the bet was placed.
  • Lost – A wager is “lost” if the chosen outcome does not occur. The stake is taken and held by the bookmaker, with no returns handed out.

Time To Verify Account & Withdraw Winnings

You’re up to date with the latest phrases and terminology found on SportingBet, so now it’s time to get out there and bet. More than that, you can check your bets through the My Bets area to stay on top of all your selections.

Before diving into anything else, you must verify your account. You won’t be able to deposit or – perhaps more frustratingly – withdraw funds from SportingBet until you provide documentation to prove you are who you claim to be. After verifying your account, SportingBet will let you transfer winnings from the site to the banking method of your choice.

For detailed walkthroughs on verifying your account and withdrawals, see our complete guides on How To Verify SportingBet Account and How To Withdraw From SportingBet.

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