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Betting on the world’s most popular sporting action is fun as long as you know your limits. Being aware of when enough is enough is part and parcel of placing wagers – with many bettors falling victim to the allure of potential glory of winning over the fact that overspending may be an issue yet to be recognized.

Here, you’ll find out how to set limits on your SportingBet account. We’ll go through time outs, self exclusion from the platform, as well as closing the account entirely. 

Before revoking access to your SportingBet account, be sure to withdraw any funds remaining in your balance first. Failure to do so may lead to your money being locked away in an unusable wallet – so process a transfer as soon as possible. If you forget to withdraw funds before closing your account, get in touch with SportingBet’s customer support team to see if they can provide assistance on the matter.

Read on for a step by step guide on deposit limits.

How To Set Deposit Limits on SportingBet

Deposit limits are a great way to put a cap on the amount you spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at SportingBet. You can use these limits to prevent overspending and enjoy a healthier gambling lifestyle.

To get started, click on your Profile icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

A small menu consisting of various options should appear. Scroll to the bottom to find “Gambling Controls”.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

A lengthy list of links will show up on the next page – each designed to make online betting a safer environment for players at SportingBet. Of these, you must select “Deposit Limits”. Look for the “Spending Controls” heading to find this option.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

Three options will display on-screen:

  • Daily limit
  • Weekly limit
  • Monthly limit

You can pick which timeframes you want to set up deposit limits for and which you do not. For instance, you can create a deposit limit for weekly deposits only and ignore thresholds on daily/monthly transactions. The choice is yours.

Select “Set Limit” to create a deposit limit, with minimum limits starting from as little as £0.01. This means you can effectively restrict yourself from gambling altogether if you wish, without the need for shutting down your SportingBet profile. When you’re ready, click “Save” to confirm your deposit limit changes.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

It should be noted that any increases to your deposit limit are subject to a 24 hour cooling off period, while decreases will process right away.

To summarize;

  • Open the My Account menu 
  • Select Gambling Controls
  • Click on Deposit Limits
  • Edit your deposit limit
  • Save your changes

How To Self Exclude From SportingBet

Self exclusion is for anyone that feels out of control, lost, or needs a break from gambling for an extended period. SportingBet supports the decision of any customer that wants to exclude from the site, which is why the platform makes it easy to do so.

Much like setting up deposit limits, you need to visit the Gambling Controls area on SportingBet to find the self exclusion section. It’s easy to miss the self exclusion department as it comes under the following title:

  • I want to close my account as I might have a gambling problem

This is found at the very bottom of the Gambling Controls page. Click on it to begin setting up your exclusion from SportingBet.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

SportingBet will initially present an option to open GAMSTOP. With GAMSTOP, you can opt to be excluded from all registered online gambling operators in the UK for a select period. You may also choose to continue solely with exclusion from SportingBet by ignoring the link to GAMSTOP and selecting “Exclude me from SportingBet”.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

Next, you’ll see two options to pick from. You can tick the box that leads to exclusion only from SportingBet or you can check the box that blocks access to all brands owned by Entain. Click “Continue Process” once you’ve made a decision.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

A pop-up will now appear that breaks down the definition of self exclusion from SportingBet. You will no longer be allowed to:

  • Deposit
  • Place bets
  • Receive marketing communication
How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

Select “Continue” to proceed.

On the following page, SportingBet will offer you the opportunity to pick a timeframe during which you’ll be excluded from accessing all services on the site. This period may last from 6 months up to 5 years and is irreversible – think carefully about the length of time you select.

Confirm your self exclusion by continuing with the process. Once the exclusion has been set, you will be logged out of SportingBet – although it must be noted that any bets already placed will remain valid.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

How To Close Your Account on SportingBet

You may be of the mind that deposit limits and self exclusion simply won’t be enough. Or, you could feel that SportingBet is no longer a facility you want to indulge in – and that’s okay. If you wish to shut down your profile, follow the steps outlined below.

Open Gambling Controls via the My Account menu and find “Account Closure & Reopening” at the bottom of the page. Within this section is an option titled “I want to close my account”. Click on it.

How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

The subsequent page contains a “Close My Account” button, which you should tap or click to proceed with the closure. Other available choices here are:

  • Block the SportingBet Casino
  • Block the SportingBet Sportsbook
How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

After selecting the Close My Account button, a fresh pop-up will appear. Here, you’ll see a breakdown of what it means to shut down your account and how to reopen it. You’ll also be notified of what happens immediately after you close the account. A summary of this pop-up is listed below:

  • You will not be allowed to place bets
  • Deposits will not be possible after closing the account
  • You may unblock restricted products immediately, subject to a 24 hour cooling off period 
  • Future sports bets will remain valid after account closure

Click “Continue” to move on.

Finally – pick how long you want to close your account. Unlike self-exclusion, there’s an “indefinite” option when it comes to shutting down your SportingBet profile. Other options are as follows:

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • Until select date
How To Close Or Limit A SportingBet Account - Safer Gambling -

Confirm your intention to close your account by continuing. Once confirmed, you will be logged out of your SportingBet profile. To reopen your account, contact the sites’ support team via live chat.

A summary:

  • Open Gambling Controls
  • Select “I want to close my account”
  • Proceed until the Select Duration page
  • Pick a timeframe during which you would like to close your SportingBet account
  • Confirm the closure of your account

Other Gambling Controls at SportingBet

On top of the three options already discussed, SportingBet provides several other notable services that can help you enjoy betting more safely. See below for descriptions of what each Gambling Control entails.

  • Immediate Stop – Take an immediate 24-hour break – no confirmation necessary.
  • Max Stake Limits – Place restrictions on the maximum amount you can wager on a selection.
  • Deposit Curfew – Select times that you are not allowed to deposit.
  • Play Breaks – Take automatic breaks from SportingBet after a select duration of time logged in.
  • Reality Checks – Receive notifications to stay aware of how long you’ve been playing on SportingBet.
  • Block Products – Block certain products (sportsbook, casino) for a set period of time.
  • Time Out – Take an irreversible break from SportingBet for up to 6 weeks.

N.B. If you are going to close or self exclude from SportingBet then make sure withdraw any funds that are in your account.

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