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Responsible gambling is all about staying in control of the amount of time and money you spend gambling. This could be anything from buying lotto tickets, playing bingo, playing poker with friends or placing bets on sports. Responsible gambling involves treating gambling as a form of entertainment, and not a form of money making or a way to pay off debts. Treat gambling like you would any other hobby – once it becomes a financial burden, takes up too much time, or no longer becomes enjoyable then it might be time to stop.

According to GambleAware, around 73% of adults in Britain gamble at least once a year. It might be something casual such as placing a bet on the Grand National or buying a Euromillions lottery ticket, however, it is thought that over half a million Brits may have a gambling problem. When placing bets online, it is the responsibility of both the player and the bookmaker or casino to ensure systems are in place to prevent problem gambling. Sports betting can be complex in nature, so it is essential that you are aware of the terms & conditions that bookmakers have in place surrounding their offers and promotions. When new to a bookmaker or a free bet offer, seek advice and do your research before joining. Do they have deposit limits in place to keep your account balance in order? Are their terms and conditions explained simply such as in this bet365 bonus guide? As consumers, we must base our decisions on facts – and this remains true when it comes to betting online. Casino websites and sportsbooks can be tough to navigate for inexperienced Internet users – so it is essential we are aware of the facts and odds upon playing. Keep the probabilities of winning in perspective – if something seems too good to be true then it probably is – so remember this when taking part in gambling.

The UK Gambling Commission has a responsibility to keep gambling safe in the UK – both in the high street shops and on the Internet. They ensure that their licence holders operate safe policies that keep their customers safe when gambling.

The Association of British Bookmakers has made incredible steps in recent years to improve high street bookmakers with regards to safe gambling. High street shops have removed any advertising of gaming machines from their shop windows. Sign up incentives from bookmakers who frequently advertise on TV, such as William Hill, can no longer be broadcast before the 9PM watershed. Over 20% of bookmaker shop windows now display messages that are dedicated to promoting responsible gambling.


The Gambling Commission’s codes of practice are quite straight forward. Operators are required to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair manner, children and other vulnerable members of society are protected and not exploited, and that assistance is readily available to those who may have a problem.


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