What is Dutching on Betfair & How To Do It

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Dutching on Betfair is a method of betting that involves placing bets on more than one outcome in a sporting event.

It is mainly used to bet on football and horse racing.

For example, in a 10 horse race, you could bet on five horses at longer odds to win, ensuring a profit if one of the five horses wins the race. This would be classed as dutching.

How to Dutch on Betfair

Below I’m going to show you how to dutch on Betfair. For this example I am using the Betfair Betting Exchange, not the Sportsbook.

The event is Italy v Spain in a football match, and I’m dutching the correct score market.

NOTE – On Betfair, Green is what you stand to Win, and Red is what you stand to lose!

On the above screenshot I have dutched the correct scores 1-0 and 2-1 to Italy, 1-0 and 2-1 to Spain, and 1-1.

If the match finishes with any of these scores, I will win £16 (or slightly over, depending on which score line wins). If the result finishes on any other scoreline, I will lose £20.00.

This same system can be used on a horse race. You could dutch as many horses as you want in a race. The key is to make sure you have a large enough win to loss ratio to make it worth your while dutching.

With horse racing, this would generally mean picking horses with higher odds, and ignoring the favourites.

In the below football example, I have used the score lines 3-2, 2-3 and 3-3 to dutch. As you can see, they pay a lot more if one of them wins.

This gives you a far better win/loss ratio.

You can dutch score lines and horses on Betfair to win the same amount, or you can dutch your bets to win different amounts. It’s up to you.

But in conventional dutching, it is generally done to win the same amount on the outcomes you select.

Use the Betfair Betting Exchange for Dutching

Dutching is a method of betting that won’t go down well with a bookmaker if you are successful at it.

If you keep dutching score lines or horse races with a bookmaker and win regularly, it won’t be long before you find your account limited to extremely small bets.

The best place to dutch is on a betting exchange like Betfair. As shown in the examples above.

When you use the Betfair betting exchange you are betting against other people, as opposed to Betfair itself.

Betfair don’t mind if you win or lose, as they make their money by taking a small percentage of the winning side of the bet. So for Betfair, the more bets you place, the better for them.

Meaning they will have no problem with dutching at all.

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