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Hey Guys

My name is Dean, AKA The Stat Man. I am a Sports Betting Analyst who uses math, algorithms, probability and logic to create my posts. I specialize in many sports from around the world, as well as writing sports and casino betting reviews. You can find plenty of my work scattered around various website but you will undoubtedly find the best content right here.

I live in the UK, on the outskirts of London but my background and heritage is Irish. I’m an avid Manchester United fan who sees following them as a religion. Sport is pretty much my life, as I live and breathe it daily. If there is something I don’t know it’s probably not worth knowing as I have over 20 years industry experience and insight.

I would love to hear from my followers so drop me a message on the comments section and I will be sure to respond.

As always, believe in the power of statistics!

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What Is Betfred Maximum Payout

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