2 Way Corners Betting Market Explained – Under/Over Guide

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Last Updated: June 16, 2023

2 Way Corners Betting Market

2 way corners – also known as ‘corner 2 way’ and ‘Over/Under Corners’ – is one of the most popular markets for football set pieces. The idea is simple, and here’s how it works:

  • The bookmaker sets a line (Over/Under 9.5 Corners)
  • You select Over or Under.
  • If there are more than 9.5 corners in the game, bets on that selection win.
  • If there are fewer than 9.5 corners, wagers on Under 9.5 corners win.

There are various markets for bettors to choose from when it comes to corners, but this is arguably the easiest to use. The numbers are set in stone. You either win or lose; there is no middle ground. If the threshold for your ‘Over’ bet is met, you win. Should the match have ‘Under’ the number of corners you select, you earn returns. If either result goes against your favour, the bookie keeps your stake.

Top UK bookmaker, Bet365, has the following to say regarding 2 way corners and the operators’ rules in relation to this type of bet:

  • Settled on total number of corners in a match.
  • Corners awarded but not taken do not count.
2 Way Corners Betting Market Explained - Bet365 2 Way Corners In Play

The rules also apply to pre-game 2 way corner markets. 

Terminology For 2 Way Corners Betting

With sportsbooks titling markets uniquely in an attempt to stand out and put their own spin on things, it’s easy to get lost in the vast array of betting options that appear different at face value. This applies to 2 way corners betting markets.

Bet365 calls it ‘Corners 2 Way’, Betfair names the market ‘Over/Under Corners’, and others refer to this market as ‘2 Way Corners’. To top it off, some markets initially look as though they offer the same selections as 2 way corners, but actually provide very different options. 

We’ll make things simple by going through the terms associated with this market. This should help you to differentiate between other, like-minded bet types, and 2 way corners.

The start of the market’s name, 2 Way, is another way of saying there are two options – Over and Under. This separates the market from its 3 Way counterparts, as well as other selections. To be clear: there are never more than two choices in 2 way markets. If a market offers more than two selections to add to your betslip, it is not a 2 way market.

The second part of the market’s title is Corners. This represents the act of play that must be carried out in order for your bet to win. If it were to read as any other statistic in football (i.e. shots or goals), then you would be betting on a different market. 

Corners are awarded to the attacking team when a member of the defending side last touches the ball before it goes behind the goal line on either side of the goalposts or above the crossbar. Each time a team is granted a corner, the sportsbook you’re betting with adds it to the total corner count. 

This means that if you bet on ‘Over 9.5 Corners’ in a match that ends with 10 corners, your bet wins. Similarly, if you were to bet on ‘Under 12.5 Corners’ in the same game, that wager wins too.

2 Way Corners Betting Strategy & Tips 

Rushing into a bet on 2 way corners without carrying out due diligence beforehand is a recipe for being let down at the end of the match. Corner markets may be some of the easiest to place bets on, but by the same token, they’re incredibly difficult to predict.

Your first port of call is to research statistics on recent corner history and corners taken on a grand scale. To be precise, you should view stats on the two teams you want to bet on over the last five or six games, plus the history of corners awarded throughout the season as a whole and/or the previous campaign. This will give you a clear picture as to what constitutes a good bet and which punts to avoid.

For Premier League fixtures, you can do this research by visiting the Premier League’s official website. There, you’ll catch a complete rundown of corner statistics for seasons gone by, team by team. In 2021/22, Manchester City and Liverpool led the corner standings with 316 and 282 respectively, followed by Chelsea, Southampton and Arsenal.

In addition, check out SoccerStats.com for detailed information concerning the number of corners each team earns per game on average, plus other handy details. For example, one interesting stat we found was that by the end of 2021/22, 70% of matches had over 8.5+ corners. When you look at the number of fixtures with 10.5+ corners, that figure drops to just under half of the games (45%). 

The teams with the highest number of corners (including opposition corners) were:

  1. Burnley – 11.79 
  2. Southampton – 11.32
  3. Manchester City – 11.16
  4. Aston Villa – 10.95
  5. Norwich City – 10.95

From these numbers, we can gather that Burnley were poor at preventing corners. This is because the Clarets were 12th on the overall leaderboard for corners earned, yet they’re top of the league for corners-per-game. Southampton, on the other hand, performed 4th best out of all teams in terms of earning corner kicks.

With this information, we can glean that a wager on 2 way corners for matches between Burnley and any of the top-performing sides should be encouraged when picking ‘Over’ a high number of corners. On the other hand, bets on a large quantity of corners where Burnley are seen as the stronger outfit should be avoided at all costs.

These are just some of the tools you can you to your benefit when betting on 2 way corners markets.

Recommended Bookmakers For 2 Way Corners Betting

While most bookmakers offer 2 way corners betting options, some provide better prices than others. Moreover, sports betting sites tend to differ in what selections are on show – meaning some operators look a little empty compared to rivals.

Bet365, for example, is relatively limited in its 2 Way Corners markets. In a Champions League qualifier between AEK Larnaca and Midtjylland, the bookie has just one selection available: Over/Under 9.5 Corners.

2 Way Corners Betting Market Explained - AEK Larnaca vs Midtjylland

When we switch to Paddy Power and view the same matchup, we can see that there are significantly more selections to pick from:

2 Way Corners Paddy Power Betting Market Explained

That said, Bet365 may offer better odds than Paddy Power on certain occasions. Therefore, you should keep tabs on what’s being offered across the board rather than sticking with one bookie no matter what. A perfect example of this is that Bet365 and Paddy Power both offer the same odds – 1.83 (83/100) – for ‘Under 9.5 Corners’ on AEK vs Midtjylland. 

By shopping around, we found that Unibet has ‘Under 9.5 Corners’ at 1.98. As a result, a £20 bet on this selection at Unibet could see returns worth £39.60, whereas the same wager on Paddy Power or Bet365 would give you £36.65. This small change in prices is even more pronounced for high-rollers, as bigger bets on selections with higher odds lead to more impressive winnings.

2 Way Corners Betting Market - Under 9.5 Corners
2 Way Corners Betting Market - AEK Lamaca - FC Midtjylland

Other bookies with impressive 2 Way Corner betting markets include:

  • Betway
  • Betfair
  • BetVictor

Can you bet on which team will win the most corners?

Yes, this is known as the corner match bet betting market. See our guide here.

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