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Last Team To Score Market

Scoring the last goal in a football match can make supporters feel a multitude of emotions. Among them are joy, hope, excitement, regret, and even anger. It all depends on how the game unfolded before the goal.

If your team was already in the lead, you might feel a wave of calm flush out any worries of the opposition fighting back to claim a point. In an instance where your favourite club was on the back foot and throwing all they had at the winning side, a tirade of frustration could come through. There are a million circumstances that can change the way you feel about a single goal.

Regardless of the reason behind your desire for a goal, you can make money from a team scoring the final goal in the match. This is known as the ‘Last Team To Score’ betting market. With this, you can make a profit when there are no further goals after your selected team adds to the scoreboard.

In lamens terms: you get paid when your team scores last.

The goal can be scored in the first minute, the 45th minute, or the last minute of the affair. All that matters is that the opposing outfit does not hit back at any point. Any goal struck by the opposition will mean that your team must score again in order for your bet to return any money.

Last Team To Score Meaning

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a concise description of the ‘Last Team To Score’ betting market, provided by bookmaker William Hill.

William Hill

Predict a team to score the last goal in a match.

Last Team To Score Betting Market Explained - William Hill description

SkyBet also offers bettors a helping hand with their definition of this market:


You’re betting on: which of the teams will be the last team to score a goal in the match.

Last Team To Score Betting Market Explained - Skybet description

Both descriptions are simple, to the point, and tell you everything you need to know about how the market works. Here are some rules that go hand-in-hand with the ‘Last Team To Score’ market:

  • If there are zero goals in the game, then ‘No Goal’ selections win.
  • Only goals scored during normal time count towards this bet.
  • If there is only one (1) goal in the match, that will be counted as the last goal.

Terminology For Last Team To Score

Things are pretty simple when it comes to the ‘Last Team To Score’ market. For most bettors, just reading the title should tell you enough about what the market means and how it works.

However, we understand that there are some punters that are new to the world of online betting. On top of that, we know plenty of bettors that want a quick refresher of never-before-used markets. No matter why you want to know the ins and outs of this betting genre, we’ve got everything you need to know outlined below.

Let’s start where it makes the most sense – the beginning. The word ‘Last’ refers to the final action of a particular statistic. This means that this action cannot be carried out by the opposition/another player, for that would result in a lost bet. In other words, ‘Last’ can be read as ‘Final’ or ‘Ultimate’.

Team’ requires little explanation. It quite literally translates to a club or country. You select the team to take the ‘Last’ action, and if your prediction is correct then the bookmaker will payout your winnings.

To Score’ is to earn a point – more commonly known as a ‘goal’ – for one team. Goals are scored when the attacking team forces the ball across the defending team’s goal line. One point is subsequently added to the scoreline next to the attacking side’s name. With ‘To Score’ following ‘Team’, we get ‘Team To Score’. We now know that we’re betting on a certain team to score a goal.

And by merging each of these words into a comprehensible sentence, we get ‘Last Team To Score’. This is where you wager money on one team to score the final goal in a normal football match. The premise is elementary, yet the rewards can be extraordinary.

It should be noted that ‘No Goal’ is an option open to bettors in this market. When you bet on this selection, you’re hoping for a goalless draw (0-0) to take place. Your bet will only win if zero goals are scored in the entire game.

Strategy & Tips For Last Team To Score

Every bet needs a strategy behind it. Without creating a clear, on-the-nose guide as to why you should or should not move forward with a punt, you’ll never learn from previous mistakes. The best part about such strategies is that they don’t need to be convoluted or complex. Just take a minute to examine why you want to place a particular bet, compare and contrast the pros and cons, and then make a decision.

When you do this, you’ll notice that far fewer of your bets are placed on a plethora of different markets. Instead, you’ll hone in on a handful of markets that cater to your exact needs and strong points.

Last Team To Score’ is one of the best markets to create a betting strategy for, such is the ease at which you can carry out research. There are ample statistics available on the internet to sway your choice in one direction or another. Take in all the information you can find and put your betting ability to the test.

Late Goals Are Usually Last Goals

It’s no secret that the later a goal is scored, the more likely it is that it will be the last goal of a game. Therefore, you should put all of your focus towards figuring out which teams are the best at scoring late in the day.

There are tonnes of avenues out there for you to find information on how often a team scores in the final 30, 20, 15, 10 and 5 minutes of matches. For instance, has published the following stats based on late goals in the 2022/23 Premier League season (up to October 2022).

  • Liverpool and Brentford have scored the most goals in the final 15 minutes (5).
  • Manchester City (8) have scored the most goals between minutes 61 to 75.
  • Crystal Palace, West Ham, Leicester City and Wolves are yet to score in the final 15 minutes.
  • Manchester City are the top scorers in the second half, bagging 15 times and conceding just 5.

From this data, we can gather that a bet on Manchester City, Liverpool and Brentford to be the ‘Last Team To Score’ in their respective matches would likely be worth your money. Considering these teams may be favourites to score last, you could find that prices on these selections are a little weaker than you’d hoped for. 

If you’re feeling confident, we recommend creating an accumulator with selections from this market. You can add four or more selections to your betslip to form an ‘acca’. This will increase the value of the odds associated with this wager.

Bet On Leagues With Late Goals

Some teams score later than others, and the same goes for entire divisions. A whole world of football is available at your fingertips when you bet online, with thousands of fixtures taking place around the globe.

Thankfully, sportsbooks have recognised the need to incorporate a variety of odds into their published selections. This has resulted in hundreds of European and worldwide leagues becoming available on UK bookie websites.

And within some of these leagues are teams that love to strike the ball home during the dying embers of a match. According to, the following leagues are packed with late (final 15 minutes) goalmouth drama:

  • Austria 2. Liga – 63.75% of goals are late
  • Norway OBOS-Ligaen – 61.08% of goals are late
  • Scotland League 1 – 60% of goals are late
  • Scotland Premiership – 59% of goals are late
  • Germany Bundesliga – 58% of goals are late

And here are some of the best teams to bet on for late goals:

  • Kapfenberg (Austria) 
  • Plymouth Parkway (England)
  • Braga (Portugal)
  • Al Ahli Doha (Qatar)
  • Reims (France)

Best Bookies & Odds For Last Team To Score

Bookmakers across the UK are in a constant battle to onboard the most customers, earn the most profit and have the best reputation among punters. To achieve this, nearly every sportsbook offers the same markets and competitive prices. 

Last Team To Score’ is a relatively difficult market to find as many bookies see it as unpopular or niche. There are some operators that upload prices for selections on the betting market, though, and our favourites can be found below.

  • William Hill
  • SkyBet
  • Bet365

Each of these bookies provides an excellent range of odds across a variety of football matches. Whether you’re into British football, European leagues, or international meetings, you’ll catch some highly rewarding odds at any one of William Hill, Bet365 and SkyBet. 

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