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Last Updated: November 23, 2022

Total Goal Minutes Betting

This market is one of the more unusual betting options available at popular UK sportsbooks. Rather than betting on the exact minute that a goal is scored, or the precise scoreline, you’re wagering on the cumulative total number of minutes that two goals add up to. 

So get your maths head on, we’re about to discuss a bet type very few punters are aware of. For an additional layer of help when betting on this market, you can use a calculator to add goal minutes on top of one another.

The way it works is quite simple but requires a little bit of brainpower. Essentially, you need to decide when you think a single goal or multiple goals will be scored during a football match. If you feel that two goals will be scored – one in the 20th minute and another in the 80th, the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ shall add up to 100. Most bookies offer prices on three selections:

  • Over X Total Goal Minutes
  • Between X and X Total Goal Minutes
  • Under X Total Goal Minutes

More often than not, the best odds are found in the ‘Between X and X Total Goal Minutes’ selection. You back the line set by the bookmaker by clicking on the odds, then wait for the match to start. If the Total Goal Minutes add up to the amount chosen in your selection, your bet wins. 

It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need to pick a certain number of goals for this bet. Just set your mind on a particular ‘Total Goal Minutes’ figure (ie, 125) and choose whether the actual total will be above, between, or below the threshold. Here’s an example using the number ‘125’:

  • If you choose ‘Over 125 Goal Minutes’, then any bets where the total number of goal minutes adds up to more than 125 will win.
  • By selecting something like ‘Between 105 and 125 Goal Minutes’, bets will win if the total number of goal minutes ranges from 105 to 125.
  • Under 125 Goal Minutes’ bets win if the overall number of goal minutes adds up to a figure below 125.

Total Goal Minutes Meaning

Bet365 describes the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ market in the following way:

Bet365 Description

Predict the aggregate time of all goals scored in the match, e.g. goals scored in the 24th, 51st and 59th minutes make up at 134 minutes.

Any goals scored in first half added time count as 45.

Any goals scored in second half added time count as 90.

Total Goal Minutes Betting Market Explained - Bet365 description

It’s simple, rewarding and a lot of fun. Just be sure to click or tap on the correct selection before confirming your wager to avoid disappointment and confusion later.

Total Goal Minutes Terminology Explained

With this being a relatively simplistic market, most bettors should be capable of using it without very much help. The definition outlined by Bet365 clearly states that you’re adding numbers together to find an overall figure. 

There is no multiplication, subtraction, division, algebra, or the dreaded BOMDAS (does anyone really know the correct order of that acronym?) As such, all you need to concern yourself with is adding. Get a calculator or a piece of paper if you’re unsure of the answer to the sum.

One of the most important elements when it comes to understanding the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ market is terminology. Without fully educating yourself on the ins and outs of each word in the market’s title, you cannot truly know what it’s trying to tell you. This is where we come in.

The word ‘Total’ in relation to this market represents an absolute outcome. The number in question is non-negotiable. Bets where the word ‘Total’ is included are developed in a way that allows for little, if any, leeway. Thanks to the inclusion of this word, we know that what we’re betting on is a ‘Total’ figure.

Next up, we have ‘Goal’. This one more or less speaks for itself, as goals are the most important factor in football. If you’re new to football, it’s worth reading the next part of this section to find out exactly what a goal is.

  • Goals are scored when the entire ball crosses the white line between the goalkeepers’ goalposts. 
  • When the ball crosses the line, one point is awarded to the attacking team. 
  • If the whole ball doesn’t cross the white line, the referee will not award the goal.
  • Goals may be scored by the defending team in what is known as an ‘own-goal’. In this instance, the ball must hit a defending player before crossing the white line. A point is then awarded to the attacking team. 

Minutes’ refers to the time at which a goal is scored. Football matches are made up of 90 minutes, and between minute 0 to minute 90 both teams can score a goal. These ‘minutes’ are added together to find the ‘Total Goal Minutes’. 

By adding each of these words together, we get the phrase ‘Total Goal Minutes’. Now we know that we’re betting on the ‘Total’ number of ‘Minutes’ in which ‘Goals’ are scored. Remember that additional time does not count towards extra minutes, which means that only minutes 45 and 90 counts towards the overall goal minutes. Any additional time does not.

Strategy & Tips For Total Goal Minutes

There are two things to look out for when betting on the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ market: how early teams normally score and how late teams normally score. 

If a team has a tendency to strike early in the game or concede in the first half, then you can estimate that the total number of goal minutes will be low. Should they hit the net or concede late in the game, the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ will be high.

It’s worth noting that the more goals scored, the greater the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ will be. If there are four goals in a game in the 5th, 15th, 27th, and 85th minute, the Total Goal Minutes’ will stand at 132. In a game with two late goals in the 75th and 82nd minute, the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ adds up to 157. Despite there being more goals in the first game, the second game has a higher ‘Total Goal Minutes’ score due to the lateness of both goals. 

Hence, it’s better to bet on teams that have a habit of hitting early if you want to bet on ‘Under X Total Goal Minutes’. Similarly, you’d be wise to place wagers on ‘Over X Total Goal Minutes’ that score in the final third of the game. 

When you’re unsure of which way to go, you can stick with the middle ground at bet on ‘Between X and X Total Goal Minutes’. This selection offers great value for money with much better odds than its two sister markets.

Best Bookies & Odds For Total Goal Minutes

Most top bookmakers in the world of online sports betting offer the same markets and similar prices. This is because they’re in constant competition with one another to provide customers with the best value for money, the most rewarding offers, and great features.

The truth is that the majority of sportsbooks publish odds for ‘Total Goal Minutes’ for a range of fixtures. Here’s a list of some of our favourites:

  • Bet365 
  • SkyBet
  • William Hill

Bet365 is by far the most consistent bookmaker in terms of uploading new prices and events involving this market. However, SkyBet and William Hill put up a good fight against the leading UK sportsbook in the form of their prices and accessibility of both platforms to new users. 

You should make your decision based on where you feel most comfortable putting your money. Any of the three bookies mentioned are safe to use, easy to play on and provide a fantastic platform from which you can use the ‘Total Goal Minutes’ market.

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