How To Cash Out From SportingBet – Claim Winnings Early

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Last Updated: February 14, 2023

How To Cash Out From SportingBet

Offering “cash-out” is universally accepted as an imperative feature on any virtual sportsbook. Having risen in popularity over the last decade, the ability to cash out has since become a stalwart in the online sports betting industry.

That’s why SportingBet has developed and published a user-friendly version of cash out. Placing bets is easy, as is catching up on your latest odds. Simply head to the My Bets area and check which wagers are ready to be settled early – potentially for a profit. By reading our dedicated SportingBet How To Bet and How To Check Bets guides, you’ll be prepared to cash out in no time.

Here, we delve into all you need to know about cashing out on the site. With a wide range of markets and sports eligible for cash out, plus competitive odds, SportingBet makes utilizing this feature rewarding and simple. 

What Is Cash Out?

The term “cash-out” refers to the early settlement of a bet resulting in the awarding of funds to the player’s account wallet. The amount of money credited to your account depends on the odds listed at the time the cash out button is pressed – with higher odds leading to better returns and for lower odds, a lesser sum is handed out.

SportingBet supports cash out on all sports available on the platform. This means that you can earn returns early just by hitting the cash out button (provided your bet is eligible). On top of that, the site boasts a unique take on the service through something called “Auto Cash Out”.

Auto Cash Out lets you set limits on when your bet will be cashed out. As a result of this feature, you can cash out when you’re away from your desktop, mobile device or tablet as the site does all the work for you. Moreover, you’ll also find that SportingBet’s Notify Cash Out service sends a notification to your device when your bet hits a certain threshold. You can choose to cash out or continue with the wager as there are no strings attached with Notify Cash Out.

Before moving on, there is one key thing to remember about SportingBet’s cash-out facility:

  • Cash out is available for all sports but the feature may not always be available.

If this happens then you will have to wait until your bet has finished and if successful you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

How To Cash Out

Such is the importance of being able to cash out in the world of online sports gambling, operators are virtually forced to make the service as easy to use as possible. SportingBet is no exception.

First, you must place a bet on any sport. This includes football, tennis, basketball, golf, horse racing, rugby and all other sports you can find on the website. Once placed, head over to the “My Bets” tab to check on your wager. 

go to my bets on sportingbet

If your bet is eligible for cash out, you’ll see a filter that reads “Cash Out” in this area. Select it to take a look at any of your bets currently ready to be settled early. Under your selection should be a green button that, when pressed, initiates a cash-out. You can click on this button whenever you feel your bet should be cashed out.

A pop-up will then appear on-screen asking you to confirm your intention to cash out. This is the point of no return, as you cannot reverse the decision to settle a bet. After a short processing period, SportingBet will display a small notification to let you know your cash out request has been successful. Funds should arrive in your account wallet right away.

To recap:

  • Place a bet on any sport
  • Open the My Bets area
  • Filter the tab to show bets eligible for cash out
  • Click the green icon to begin a cash out request
  • Confirm your cash out when the small pop-up appears

Things work a little differently for Auto Cash Outs. This type of cash-out takes place without the need for your input – other than when you select the limit at which the bet should be settled.

As soon as that limit is reached, your bet will come to an end. SportingBet may notify you of the cash-out but you will not be given an option to prevent it. Much like a standard cash out, which is carried out manually, funds should be credited to your account balance immediately.

Why Is Cash Out Not Available?

While SportingBet promises to keep cash out open for all sports listed on the site, it makes clear that the cash out service is not always available. In addition, the type of bet placed determines whether or not you’ll be permitted to settle the bet early. This is because cash out is only available for singles and multiples but not system bets.

system bets not available for cashout

There are occasions when a certain market is not eligible for in-play betting. As cash out is a loose form of in-play betting, you will not be allowed to settle bets early. If the market becomes open for in-play betting, you will be able to cash out on that selection.

One of the most common reasons for cash out being unavailable for any period of time comes down to technical issues. Even the smallest of gremlins in the SportingBet system can wreak havoc in terms of offering accurate odds, scores, in-play events and more. If a problem arises, you can expect that cash out will be taken down until the issue is resolved.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly to those of you creating an account and taking advantage of SportingBet’s new customer bonus – or any similar offer on the site for that matter – Free Bets are not eligible for cash out. When a Free Bet is placed, it must be seen out in its entirety. 

Why Does Cash Out Keep Getting Suspended?

Arguably the most infuriating aspect of online betting is the suspension of the site’s cash-out service. Picture the scene; you’ve bet on fewer than 8 corners in the match and while watching the game live on TV, you notice a sharp rise in corners by the 75th minute. Players are tiring, becoming desperate – and you’re praying both sides will settle for a draw.

This is when cash out can come in handy as you can settle the bet early and cut your losses before you lose it all. However, if cash out goes down – and it will at some point – your bet is stuck in the mud. With 15 minutes to go and 6 corners accumulated, you’re staring down the barrel of defeat.

SportingBet may remove cash out upon the taking of a corner, goal threat or any set piece. These events could all lead to changes in odds and to reflect the in-game events as best as possible, the team often need to remove in-play betting and, in tandem, cash out.

So, in essence, these are the reasons cash out keeps getting suspended:

  • Potential goal threat
  • Foul play (bookings, etc)
  • Goals
  • Suspension of the event
  • Technical issues
  • Sudden changes in prices

When cash-out returns there will be refreshed odds on your selection. 

Withdraw Winnings From Your Cash Out

Upon successfully cashing out on SportingBet, you’ll have two choices: place more bets with your extra cash or withdraw funds to your bank account. 

SportingBet supports a vast array of the most-used payment methods for withdrawals, making transferring funds from your betting account to the e-wallet, bank or card of your choice easy. To make things even better, minimum withdrawal limits are generous – so there’s no need to worry about lacking enough money to process a transaction.

You can stay up to date with which bets have been victorious and earned winnings, as well as those that have let you down, by visiting SportingBet’s My Bets section and filtering your wagers by those that have been “Settled”. Use this information to make decisions regarding future bets, like which markets you struggle with and the ones catered to your expertise. 

For an in-depth look at checking bets and withdrawing funds, remember to read our How To Check bets on SportingBet and How To Withdraw guides.

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