How Does Basketball Bet Builder Work On Bet365

Bet365’s bet builder transforms the way you bet. With the ever-popular feature, basketball fans can pick selections from their favourite markets and add all of them to one bet. 

Some of the most popular basketball betting markets found on Bet365’s bet builder include:

  • Total
  • Player Points
  • Player Assists
  • Player Rebounds
  • Player Double Double
  • Player Steals

So, if you think the LA Lakers will rack up more than 100 points with Anthony Davis accumulating over 15 points on any given night, you can. 

How to request a custom basketball bet is simple: select up to twelve bets from the wide range of available markets and watch your odds calculate automatically. Once you’re content with your selection, add your bet builder to your betslip and place the bet.

What Is Basketball Bet Builder On Bet365?

The basketball bet builder at Bet365 is simply an easy, intuitive method to create unique bets. Essentially, bettors select bets they would usually only get to pick as singles, then add those bets to a bigger bet with greater odds. 

Moreover, you can combine four bet builders to create an accumulator – potentially resulting in phenomenal odds. Be sure none of your bets clashes with other selections though, otherwise your bet builder won’t be eligible for inclusion in the acca.

Whether you’re a fan of the Lakers, Pistons, Heat, or any other team in the NBA, the Bet365 basketball bet builder can be used to wager on virtually every fixture you can think of. 

How To Request a Custom Basketball Bet

To create a personalized wager at Bet365, head to the event you want to place bets on. From the event’s menu, you should see a variety of options, including Bet Builder. Click on it.

You’ll be greeted with a vastly empty screen marked with a + symbol in the centre. Tap or click on this symbol to start building your custom basketball bet.

The bet builder offers about 20 markets to choose from, so you’re not short of options. Pick up to twelve bets, adding each to your Bet Builder along the way. When you’re done, click “Add to Betslip”.

From your betslip, enter your desired stake. Next, confirm your wager by selecting “Place Bet”. Your potential total return will appear below within the Place Bet button, underneath the text.

Read on for a step by step guide on how to create a basketball bet builder on Bet365.

How It Works – Step By Step Guide

  • Select the event you want to bet on.
  • Click the “Bet Builder” option from the event’s menu.
How Does Basketball Bet Builder Work On Bet365 -
  • Select the + symbol in the middle of your screen, then add up to 12 bets to your Bet Builder.
How Does Basketball Bet Builder Work On Bet365 -
  • Click “Add to Betslip” when you’re happy with your selections.
How Does Basketball Bet Builder Work On Bet365 -
  • In your betslip, enter your stake and confirm the bet.
How Does Basketball Bet Builder Work On Bet365 -
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