How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365

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Accumulator bets on Bet365 are hugely popular, especially for using your new customer offer on. We explain exactly what they are and how to do one on bet365.

Setting Up an Accumulator on Bet365

Your account must be appropriately funded to set up an accumulator on Bet365. Once you’ve ensured that the amount you’d like to wager is available from your account wallet, you can start planning your accumulator.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when you decide to begin creating an acca on Bet365:

  • You can include various sports inside a single accumulator.
  • Accumulators can consist of bets from more than one market.
  • Some accumulators at Bet365 offer Early Payout.

How Do You Do an Accumulator on Bet365?

  1. Select the events and markets you want to include in the accumulator.
  2. Pick at least four bets.
  3. Open the betslip at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Set your stake.
  5. Confirm your bet by clicking “Place Bet”.

Always look out for offers that are available with your accumulator. If any offers are available with your bet they’ll be listed in your betslip.

Placing an accumulator bet via the Bet365 app works similarly to the browser version of the platform. Find instructions on how to put an accumulator on Bet365, here:

How To Place an Accumulator on Bet365 App

  • Open the Bet365 App.
  • Pick at least four games or events you want to include in the accumulator.
  • Open your accumulator betslip.
  • Input the stake.
  • Confirm your bet.
How To Do An Accumulator (Parlay) On Bet365
How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365 -
Enter your stake, check everything over, then press the “Place Bet” green button.

How To Place a Multi Bet on Bet365

Multi bets are placed on Bet365 by adding doubles, trebles, or accumulators to your betslip, then confirming your wager. Multi bets, also known as multiple bets, essentially work as a blanket term for any selection containing more than one bet.

Below, you’ll find out how to put multiple bets on Bet365. Discussed here are other popular betting types; doubles and trebles.

How To Place a Double Bet on Bet365

  • Open the Bet365 app or visit the website using a browser.
  • Pick two bets.
  • Enter your stake.
  • Place your Double Bet.
How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365 -
Placing a double bet on Bet365

How To Place a Treble Bet on Bet365

  • Log in to Bet365 using the app or website.
  • Select three bets from any sport.
  • Type your preferred stake for this treble.
  • Confirm your treble bet by clicking “Place Bet”.
How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365 -

All of your selections in a multi bet must come good to win the bet. So, if just one of your selections lets you down, the entire bet loses – this applies to accumulators, doubles, as well as trebles.

However, should you correctly pick winning bets across the entire multi bet, the potential winnings are tremendous.

What Is a Lucky15 On Bet365?

This type of bet is placed on a fourfold accumulator of any type and consists of a 15 line bet that covers 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold, which is a full coverage bet on these selections. Read more about how a lucky15 works here.

lucky15 on the betslip on bet365

Placing this kind of bet is not possible to do line by line, but on Bet365 there will often be a lucky 15 bet option when you put 4 sportsbook outcomes on your bet slip.

This depends on the combinations of sports, odds and markets, for example a forecast market will not work.

How Do You Do A Lucky 15 On Bet365?

To place a lucky 15 simply follow these steps. 

  1. Select four outcomes that you want to use for your Lucky 15 bet. This can include selections from most sports and you can mix between sports. 
  2. Add these to your bet slip.
  3. Find the four fold multiples options. These can be found from a drop down menu. 
  4. Add your stake to the Lucky 15 option, while bearing in mind that the bet consists of 15 lines and so the stake entered is multiplied 15 times. 
  5. View of the odds and returns of each line by clicking the name ‘Lucky 15’ in the multiples section. 
lucky15 odds on bet365
This table will show you the returns for each part of your lucky 15 bet and how much you’ll return for each line.

What Is A Super Yankee On Bet365?

A Super Yankee is a bet made up of 5 selections across 26 bets. The Super Yankee, also known as the Canadian bet, is commonly used on horse races at Bet365.

Unlike accumulators, where each selection must win to get a return, Super Yankees require that just two of the five selections come good to make some sort of return.

Super Yankees usually need three winning selections to recover the cost of your bet, while hitting four of the five selections will present a decent profit. Where each selection in the Super Yankee is a winner, profits can be tremendous.

How Many Bets is a Super Yankee?

A Super Yankee is comprised of 26 bets and 5 selections. As each stake is multiplied by a factor of 26, Super Yankees can become relatively expensive, with high-rollers better suited to this type of bet than low-stakes bettors.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Super Yankee:

  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Trebles
  • 5 Four-Fold bets
  • One 5-Fold Accumulator

This adds up to a total of 26 bets, spanning 5 different selections.

How Much Does a Super Yankee Cost?

Super Yankees typically cost £26, provided you’re paying £1 per line. The cost varies depending on the amount of money you’re willing to bet.

For example, if a bettor wants to pay £10 per line for a Super Yankee, the total cost will come to £260.

What’s the Difference Between a Super Yankee Bet and Yankee Bet?

Super Yankee bets and Yankee Bets differ in the number of selections and bets. Whereas Super Yankee bets consist of 26 bets and 5 selections Yankee Bets include 11 bets on 4 selections.

Yankee Bets contain:

  • 6 Doubles
  • 4 Trebles
  • 1 Fourfold accumulator

Yankee Bets are less expensive compared to Super Yankee bets, but, equally, winnings and odds are usually lower.

Similar to the Super Yankee Bet, Yankee Bets often require two winning selections to earn a return.

What Is A Reverse forecast?

A reverse forecast is a type of racing bet, on the first and second place in a given race but you don’t have to specify which racer will finish in which position. It’s most commonly used for horse and greyhound racing.

How To Place A Reverse Forecast On Bet365

  1. Find the race that you are interested in through the horse racing or greyhounds section.
  2. Go to the Forecast / Tricast bets and select the two racers that you believe will place 1st and 2nd by ticking the ‘Any’ box next to their names under Forecast.
  3. Click ‘Add to Bet Slip’.
  4. Choose your stake, which is split into two bets, so type half of your desired amount, which will then appear next to the ‘Place Bet’ button, which you can then click to proceed with your selection if you’re happy with the odds and returns noted on the slip.
How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365 -
Placing a reverse forecast bet is the same process that you’d use for a combination forecast.
How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Bet365 -
Combination Forecast On bet365

What Are The Odds On A Reverse Forecast?

The odds on this type of bet are not always possible to calculate, but a formula is used by the bookmakers to take into account how many racers are taking part and their form. These odds are available to see by clicking the ‘show odds’ button on your bet slip.

What Are The Odds Of A Straight Forecast?

In a straight forecast, the bettor must accurately predict which racer places 1st, and which places 2nd, the order can’t be mixed and they must both be correct. The odds on this type of bet are longer than the odds for a reverse forecast, but once again, is a tricky calculation, better left to the bookmakers.

How Many Bets In A Lucky 15 Forecast?

A lucky 15 forecast is a type of combination forecast, in which the player chooses 4 racers and puts a selection of bets on them to try and cover a broad range of outcomes with short odds. The bets include 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold. The bet is called the lucky 15, as you’ve got 15 bets (or lines) placed, making a £1 stake equal to a £15 bet. The lucky fifteen is an example of a full coverage bet, that works for some 4 fold accumulators, and doesn’t necessarily apply to horseracing.

What Is An Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator is a bet made up of at least four selections. As one of the most popular multi bets in the sports betting industry, accumulators are used to place bets on tournaments, leagues, competitions and more, with its high-reward potential the main reason for its success.

See Our Other Bet365 Guide : How To Place A Bet On Bet365

To see a return from an accumulator bet, each of your selections needs to win. Should any of your four or more folds let you down, the entire accumulator will lose.

On occasion, Bet365 may offer enhanced odds on a particular accumulator selection – thus further increasing the value of potential returns. This type of special offer is known as an Enhanced Odds Accumulator or Accumulator Bonus.

What are The Pros Of Using Bet365 For Accumulators?

Bet365 is one of the best accumulator betting sites because:

  • It allows you to add up to 12 selections to your accumulator.
  • They offer great odds on sports, thus boosting the overall odds of your accumulator.
  • They have the widest range of sports and betting markets available when compared to other bookmakers.
  • They have great offers, such as acca insurance.
  • They have other great features like their Bet Builder and Cash Out which benefit punters placing acca bets.

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