Bwin Cash Out Step by Step Guide

Written By: Conor Rafter
Last Updated: February 14, 2023

Cashing out has become a stalwart in the online sports betting industry over the last decade, with bettors from all over the world claiming winnings before the event in question has concluded. Bwin offers its own take on the ever-popular feature – but why doesn’t it always work?

Here, you’ll not only discover how to cash out on Bwin but also see information on why the service can get suspended for extended periods. 

How To Cash Out on Bwin

How To Cash Out On Bwin (And Why It Won't Work Sometimes)

Once you’ve placed a bet, wait for the event to get underway. Cashing out before the event begins is usually unprofitable and should only be done if the bet was placed in error.

As the event unfolds, we recommend checking in on the My Bets area and heading to Live Bets to remain up to date with the latest odds. You can also access Cash-Out via these avenues. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to access the Cash Out feature.

  • Click the Profile icon located in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
how to cash out on bwin click profile
  • Scroll down to My Bets and select it.
how to cash out on bwin my bets
  • Filter your bets by those that are eligible for Cash Out on the next page.
how to cash ut on bwin filter options
  • Select the bets you want to settle early by cashing out.
  • Press the yellow button to confirm your Cash Out.
  • Wait for the processing period to end, then view your returns in your account wallet.

You can only Cash Out Singles and Multiples at Bwin. In particular circumstances, the site may prevent your Cash Out from taking place altogether. 

Read on for more on why the Cash out feature goes down at Bwin.

Why Can’t I Cash Out?

Bwin does not guarantee that Cash Out will be available for all games or at all times. There are numerous occasions in which Cash Out is suspended for certain markets due to in-play events, technical errors and more. 

why can't i cash out on bwin

To be frank, you should never place a bet expecting to Cash Out at Bwin. The feature is considered an added bonus and, as such, it may be taken down at any time for almost any reason. These facts do not take away from the magnificent service Bwin’s Cash-Out provides, however.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common reasons for Bwin’s Cash Out going down.

Bwin Cash Out – Why Won’t It Work?

  • Technical errors with Bwin’s feed.
  • Price changes during a Cash Out.
  • In-play events that have caused the suspension of a market.
  • The market does not support in-play Cash Out.
  • Your Cash Out value is zero.
  • The event or tournament has already concluded.

There is no set fix for Bwin’s Cash Out when it is suspended. The best way to curve the issue is to avoid placing bets with the sole intention of cashing out, or wait for Cash Out to reactivate by remaining focused on the page. 

If your Cash Out is denied due to price changes taking place while your request was being processed, you should try again in a few seconds. You can put an end to this issue by selecting “Accept all payout values” in your settings.

It must be noted that any cashed out bets will not qualify for wagering requirements included in bonuses at Bwin. 

how to cash out on bwin wagering restrictions

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